Friday , July 12 2024

My boyfriend urges me to have cosmetic surgery

I want to have a serious relationship with my boyfriend, but I am still hesitant because he often criticizes my looks.

I am 23 and have been dating my boyfriend, whom I met on the Internet, for eight months.

I am 1.45 meters tall, weigh 50 kg, and have a slightly brown but pleasant complexion. I have never been criticized or body-shamed.

My boyfriend is two years older than me and 1.75 meters tall. He may not be conventionally attractive, but he is intelligent, academically successful, and has a stable job.

The problem is he often scrutinizes and points out flaws in my appearance. For example, he said I should get a nose job because my nose bridge is too low. I thought he was just joking at first, but it turned out he was serious, and he keeps repeating it.

He gifted me a skin-whitening cream another time, and he told me to use it as he would buy more when it ran out. The cream he bought was not from a high-end or quality brand, and when I told him that using it would be harmful to my skin, he got mad and said I was criticizing his gift.

Once, I asked him why he keeps criticizing my looks and if he could not accept my imperfections, what his reason for dating me was. He defended himself by saying he only wanted me to have a better appearance.

Since then, I have become uncertain about our relationship. I fear that he will criticize me even more and no longer love me if my looks deteriorate after we get married and have kids.

Should I break up with him?

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