Wednesday , July 24 2024

Trial for Dak Lak terrorism group to begin

An alleged group of terrorists in Central Highlands’ Dak Lak Province accused of killing nine people while attacking two People’s Committees’ offices, will stand trial Jan. 16 to 26.

The Dak Lak People’s Court said the highly-anticipated, high-profile trial will take place at the detainment facility where the accused are being held.

The press will be allowed access to the proceedings via video feed at the Dak Lak Department of Information and Communications.

Ninety-two people have been accused of terrorism, misprision, concealing crimes and brokering illegal entry, exit, or stay in Vietnam.

At least six others associated fugitives are currently on the lam and wanted by Vietnamese authorities.

Armed groups attacked two People’s Committee offices, which also housed police offices, in the rural mountainous communes of Ea Tieu and Ea Ktur, early on June 11 last year, resulting in nine deaths and serious injuries to several other victims. The Ministry of Public Security called the attacks “reckless, barbaric and inhumane.”

Among the arrested was a member of a U.S.-based organization who had received instructions to infiltrate Vietnam and perform the attacks, according to official sources.

Y Tho Ayun, one of the plot’s masterminds, said he had provoked certain people in Dak Lak villages to use guns and attack the offices.

Police have seized 23 guns, two grenades, around 1,200 bullets, 1.2 kg of explosive materials, 30 knives and several other tools allegedly used to commit the crime.

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