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TigerGraph partners with Pascal as master distributor for APJ region

Pascal has announced a strategic partnership with TigerGraph, designating it as the master distributor for the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region.

In recognition of the needs of markets throughout Asia, TigerGraph is partnering with Pascal to better serve existing customers and drive their expansion across the region.

Pascal’s regional expertise, G-SQL certification, and seasoned leadership team position the alliance to tap into the vast growth potential, delivering customer support and sales operations tailored specifically to the region’s needs.

Mingxi Wu (L), CEO of TigerGraph, and Minh Chau (R), CEO of Pascal. Photo courtesy of Pascal

Mingxi Wu (L), CEO of TigerGraph, and Minh Chau (R), CEO of Pascal. Photo courtesy of Pascal

The two companies have a long-established partnership, characterized by mutual growth and innovation.

With its status as the only G-SQL-certified partner in the region, Pascal has demonstrated its expertise and reliability in delivering the highest caliber of services and value to customers across the region.

Beyond technical acumen, the company brings a deep-rooted understanding of regional nuances and domain expertise. Their intrinsic grasp of local insights ensures that TigerGraph’s solutions are tailored perfectly to each country’s unique needs, allowing TigerGraph to resonate more with the evolving needs of each market.

Mingxi Wu, CEO of TigerGraph, said: “By entrusting Pascal with sole distribution, customer success, and support across the regions, we are ensuring our clients receive swift responses and adept solutions, always in tune with local preferences. This alliance is a testament to TigerGraph’s unwavering commitment to its clientele in Asia and Oceania and its unparalleled focus on delivering service and product excellence throughout the region.”

team  building

Pascal Software staffs. Photo courtesy of Pascal

Pascal is a global data management and software company that focuses on graph database technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It offers practical solutions for transforming complex datasets into actionable insights.

Its composite AI approach combines machine learning, knowledge graphs, and natural language processing to create tailored AI models and robust data infrastructures. The partnership between TigerGraph and Pascal provides regional insight and expertise, ensuring top-tier solutions for clients worldwide. See further information here.

TigerGraph, a leading provider of graph databases and analytics platforms, enables organizations to use interconnected data for advanced analytics and machine learning.

Operating in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, TigerGraph offers a native graph DBMS platform, TigerGraph ML Workbench, TigerGraph Insights, and four main value propositions: Financial Crime, Connected Customer, Agile Operations, and OEM. See more information about TigerGraph here.

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