Monday , January 30 2023

Films face $2,100 fine for revealing people’s private lives

A new decree stipulates that movies revealing people’s private lives and other secrets will be penalized with fines of VND40–50 million (US$1,700–2,100).

Similar penalties will also apply to films that distort the country’s history, deny the revolution’s achievements, insult images of the country or its heroes, and slander or defame an organization or someone’s honor and dignity.

The decree will take effect on February 15.

Showing how to commit violence or a crime and images, sounds, dialogue, or scenes of beatings, torture and brutal murders, except to call attention to crimes and promote justice, are also proscribed.

Movies cannot run down cultural values, harm the national interest, spread social evils, destroy morality, show explicit images, sounds, lewdness, debauchery, or incest, or incite violence.

Besides monetary fines, the decree also has other penalties like banning production, distribution and promotion for one to three months for these offenses.

Distribution of movies online without having them rated and showing the classification carry fines of VND40-50 million.

The same penalties will apply for showing movies in cinemas or on TV without a classification license or broadcasting permission and for making changes to a film after its classification.

The decree stipulates the penalties for offenses listed in the Cinema Law, which was amended by the National Assembly a few months ago and took effect in January.

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