Tuesday , May 28 2024

My in-laws would only lend us money if their names were on the title deed

My husband and I live in Ho Chi Minh City and both of our parents live in the countryside.

After a lot of discussions and saving some money, we decided that we had had enough of renting and would buy a house.

When we bought the house, we asked my parents-in-law to lend us the certificate of land use rights as a collateral to borrow money, which we will pay back within two years. My husband and I both have high incomes, and we can save VND50 million (~ $2,115) or more every month.

Everything went well, but when we closed on the house , my in-laws demanded that the house be in their names, saying that they would refuse to lend us otherwise. As a daughter-in-law, I was not consulted, and my in-laws only discussed this with my husband, who agreed.

Considering that this is our first property and both my husband and I contributed to the house, I want us to be responsible for ourselves to avoid the worst case scenario in which we got divorced and there could be dispute. After sharing my thoughts, my husband called me calculating and petty.

He told me that I should be considering his parents as mine and that I should focus on securing the loan instead of worrying about whose name the house is in. I disagreed, telling him I’d rather continue renting than get a loan from his parents under this condition. I’m wondering if anyone has been in the same situation as me.

If so, can you share some advice on how to solve this peacefully? Many thanks.

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