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Bringing bamboo and rattan products to the world

Bamboo and rattan products of Diềm Village in Nghệ An Province are diverse in style, highly usable, and have conquered various markets around the world. Diềm Village is located in the Việt Nam – Laos border area. This village is home to 153 households of the Thái and Đan Lai ethnic …

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Good knives forged at bargain prices

  A craftsman heats up blades before attaching them to handles. Photo courtesy of Phạm Văn Tiến Lê Việt Dũng More than 100 kilometres away from Hà Nội lies an old village that has made a name for itself in knife-making for centuries. The village, located in Hậu Lộc District, Thanh Hóa …

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Artist finds inspiration from coloured pencils

Lê Hương & Bảo Hoa Simple coloured pencils may be just tools for children to create beautiful images, but they can also inspire artists to create stunning works. Hà Nội-based artist Lê Xuân Hưởng has created various decorative items from coloured pencils and transparent epoxy. Hưởng remembers the first pencils his father bought him after …

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