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NNO honored at 2023 Asia Excellent Brand awards

NNO (Nourishing Night Oil) Capsule was honored as one of the top 10 brands of the year at the 2023 Asia Excellent Brand awards.

NNO has passed the evaluation rounds of the advisory council and was honored as one of the top 10 brands at Asia Excellent Brand 2023 for the proven effects and credibility of consumers.

NNOs representative received the award at Asia Excellent Brand 2023 last Friday. Photo courtesy of NNO.

An NNO representative receives the award at the 2023 Asia Excellent Brand awards, June 23, 2023. Photo courtesy of NNO

Asia Excellent Brand is an annual award given by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia in collaboration with the Vietnam Enterprise Development Science Union.

It honors brands for product quality and the influence they have on their respective industries.

“With its mission to offer consumers worldwide the opportunity to experience moisturizing products at a reasonable price, NNO is committed to being a prestigious and reliable brand in the Asian and global markets, and becoming an iconic national moisture lock product,” the brand representative said.

A reputed brand in skincare, NNO has been trusted for 25 years in 10 countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

It is also one of the top selling product lines of Mega, and pioneers a solution that actively locks moisture in the skin at night based on a scientific transepidermal water loss mechanism.

The product was researched and developed by researchers at Mega Lifesciences Vietnam.

NNOs antioxidant capacity helps to improve smooth and youthful skin. Photo courtesy of NNO.

An advertisement of NNO’s antioxidant product. Photo courtesy of NNO

NNO’s optimal moisture-locking formula is based on two natural ingredients that help prevent dehydration of the skin.

A combination of natural vitamin E extracted from sunflower seeds and South Africa’s jojoba oil helps reduce dryness, nourish and smoothen skin and increase skin elasticity.

Jojoba oil, which has a biological structure similar to the natural sebum found in the skin, penetrates into the skin to fill the intercellular spaces, helping prevent water loss and strengthen the skin barrier.

Secondly, natural vitamin E helps prevent water loss and strengthens the protective barrier from environmental influences.

Both ingredients were affirmed by testing by the Spin Control Research Institute (France).

The results showed that NNO benefited the skin by increasing moisture by 220% after six hours of use. Some 95% of users rated their skin as improved and firmer, and 100% agreed that their skin was smoother and more elastic after just two weeks of use.

NNO is available at 10,000 retail points across the country through the sales network of Mega Lifesciences comprising drugstores, cosmetics stores, healthcare chains, supermarkets, and online channels.

Mega Lifesciences also looks after customer care, promotions and after-sales to ensure the best customer experience in the Vietnamese market.

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