Sunday , April 2 2023

My husband cheated on me with my sister

After dating in college, getting married and having two children – a son in college and daughter in middle school – my husband and I are now both nearly 50.

My husband owns a successful business that sells construction equipment. I’m an elementary school teacher with a meager salary. My husband helps me financially. I only have to use my money on basic expenses for myself and our children.

My husband is an intelligent and knowledgeable man. He relied on his own talent and skills to build his company. He is very respectful of our parents, and he’s responsible for a couple of my younger siblings who work at his company and earn a decent living.

My parents have 5 daughters. My 2 older sisters work as teachers in the countryside and my 2 younger sisters all live nearby and work at my husband’s company. My husband has also provided his siblings, nieces and nephews the opportunity to work with his company.

My husband has a lot of flaws. He likes gambling and cheats a lot (he frequently hooks up with prostitutes).

I’ve tried to stop him from cheating many times, but nothing seems to work. Our lives – mine, my children’s and my siblings’ – all depend on him, so I chose to look the other way.

But something that I would have never expected in a million years just happened, and I have no idea what to do.

It has to do with my youngest sister. She was a good student, and she used to live with us during college to save money and bring our families closer together.

She helped out with household chores and helped me take care of my children. She was kind and academically gifted, so my husband was fond of her. I was very happy about this.

When she graduated, she began working for my husband’s company. He had nothing but praise for her, saying that she was very quick-witted and helpful. This made me all the more happy and trust her even more.

She was vivacious and had great communication skills, so my husband frequently took her on his business trips. While my sister was a college student, sometimes my husband gave her expensive gifts as rewards for her good academic results.

My husband and my sister began going out together more frequently. Sometimes I thought that there might be something fishy going on, but I quickly dismissed the notion.

After a while, when the company began to flourish, my husband announced that he would open a spa and make me the manager. I refused the offer because I like being a teacher and want nothing to do with business.

My husband then offered the position to my sister instead as she wanted to try doing business. That was when my sister started becoming distant. She constantly came up with excuses to avoid seeing me. I thought that something might be happening to her but then dismissed those thoughts again.

She then announced that she had a boyfriend and was planning to marry my husband’s cousin. She got pregnant shortly after getting married. I often came to visit my niece. I would also like to add that the spa business suffered huge financial losses in the beginning and my husband was the one that took care of those losses.

Now, the spa has become more stable and started making profits. My husband gave my sister all the funds for the spa and she got to keep all the profits.

My youngest sister and I used to be very close, but she started avoiding me after becoming the manager of the spa. I put two and two together and decided to find out the truth behind my husband and my sister’s relationship.

Their relationship was deeply emotional: they flirted through texts and went traveling together. It seems that I’m the last person to know about their affair.

My husband’s cousins who work at his company all warned me about their relationship, and I think many knew about it. Aside from my youngest sister, my fourth youngest sister also works there, so why didn’t she tell me?

I don’t want my family to have a bad reputation. I don’t want my children to suffer. And my parents and in-laws would not be able to handle the news.

I have had trouble sleeping these past months. I can’t get the image of my husband being intimate with my sister out of my head. I’m exhausted, I’ve started losing weight and can’t focus on my job.

What should I do now?

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