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The National Museum for Modern Chinese Scientists released a promotional video of the Spirit of Scientists

Embark on a journey through the narratives of Chinese scientists to unravel the driving force behind China’s scientific and technological development

BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 15 December 2023 – Recently, the National Museum for Modern Chinese Scientists has invited the brightest minds from various fields, such as geology, meteorology, agriculture, aerospace, and beyond, to share their stories with the public, the Museum also released a promotional video of the Spirit of Scientists, providing a profound glimpse into the essence of the spirit of Chinese scientists, and the driving force behind China’s scientific and technological development.


In the grand tapestry of human history, science emerges as the engine of social progress. Yet, its evolution hinges not solely on technology and experimentation, but more profoundly on the spirit of scientists.
The Video features a diverse array of fields-Chinese geological scientists brave the unforgiving environment to uncover the secrets of the earth, while Chinese meteorological scientists study the patterns and changes in the weather. Chinese agricultural scientists, dedicated to enhancing crop yield and quality, emerge as unsung heroes fortifying global food security. Chinese aerospace scientists, fueled by the dream of flight, persist in unraveling the cosmos’ enigmas.
These sagas of scientific pursuit illuminate the profound significance of Chinese scientists’ spirit, evident in their research achievements and social contributions. Through their endeavors, Chinese scientists not only exemplify commitment and responsibility but also ignite inspiration, beckoning more individuals to join the scientific cause.
Gazing into the future, a call echoes for audacious scientists, who are champions of exploration and innovation, and bearers of social duties and historical missions. Only through such dedication can all people propel the continual advancement of science and technology, creating a brighter future for humanity.
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