Monday , April 22 2024

My girlfriend is not tactful while eating

Overall I am an easy-going person. However, I do pay attention to some small details, and I am concerned about my girlfriend’s personality.

I don’t care that much about rules, but I think that people need to behave more tactfully in this modern age. I don’t like anyone who is too messy, especially in front of other people.

I am easy-going when we are together, however, once I brought her to meet my family, and since then I don’t want to bring her to see family or friends again.

I felt quite ashamed and uncomfortable but did not comment on this since I don’t want her to be sad. I don’t know how to give her suggestions and not make her feel bad. She is quite weak and is ashamed of her family.

When she visited my family, everyone else was cooking and she did not help. During the meal, she put her chopsticks in the family’s soup bowl.

She only picked the food she liked in the common dish. When eating, she sat very close to the table and kept looking down at the table.

Sometimes, I was very annoyed at her mannerisms and wondered how I can live together with her in the future, and how we could raise our kids together.

I hope readers can give me advice.

Thank you very much.

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