Monday , March 4 2024

HCMC man finds 2m python in motorbike trunk

A HCMC man who was shocked to find a snake in his motorbike trunk managed to capture it and hand it over to forest rangers.

The snake, nearly two meters long and weighing four kg, was identified as a rare Burmese python.

The python with a long head, small body and yellow stripes was found by Trong Vinh, 42, when he opened the trunk of his motorbike at a workshop in Binh Thanh District three days ago. It was shedding its skin.

“I was scared when I saw its head sticking out of the trunk. It was difficult for me to get it out without getting hurt,” Vinh said.

Vinh and others had to use a screwdriver to open the motorbike and remove some panels to get the python out.

A python removed from a motorbike trunk in HCMC. Photo by Trong Vinh

A python removed from a motorbike trunk in HCMC. Photo by Trong Vinh

The python must have come in from the garden next to the workshop, he said.

On Wednesday, HCMC Department of Forest Protection took the python to its rescue station. The department said the snake was a Burmese python, listed as vulnerable in the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. This species can grow as long as 8 m.

A 3m Burmese python was found in HCMC last week and handed over to forest rangers.

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