Tuesday , February 27 2024

Dozens injured as Emirates flight rocked by severe turbulence

Severe turbulence on an Emirates flight from Perth to Dubai left at least 14 passengers injured while images shared on social media showed cracks on the ceiling of the cabin.

On Monday, The Emirates Airbus A380 superjumbo jet was affected by the extreme weather as the aircraft approached the Persian Gulf, leaving passengers violently shaken, The West Australian newspaper reported.

Some passengers hit the cabin ceiling.

Images shared on social media showed a crack in the ceiling of the cabin.

A passenger wrote on X, formerly Twitter, it was the “worst flight” between the two cities.

“Genuinely felt that was the end as we hit the ceiling to ground twice and smashed the ceiling in. Glad to be home,” wrote handle @MattRPD.

The injured passengers were then assisted by the flight crew and medically trained volunteers on board, with additional medical support provided via satellite link, the Independent reported.

The plane later landed safely in Dubai.

Turbulence is caused by eddies of “rough air.” The Federal Aviation Administration defines clear-air turbulence as “sudden severe turbulence occurring in cloudless regions that causes violent buffeting of aircraft.”

Back in August, 11 people were hospitalized after a Delta Air Lines flight from Italy to Atlanta encountered severe turbulence.

And in June, a British Airways flight attendant needed surgery after another incident of turbulence.

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