Monday , July 22 2024

Vietnam welcomes 2024 in grand parades

People flocked to downtown areas of Hanoi, HCMC and other cities across Vietnam to join New Year’s Eve firework shows and countdown events Sunday night.

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  • 0h00

    Hanoi couples exchange new year kisses


    A couple in Hanoi kisses each other as the clock strikes midnight. Photo by Giang Huy


    Another Hanoi couple marks their new year with a kiss. Photo by Giang Huy

  • December 31/2023

  • 22h25

    Can Tho launches fireworks show


    Fireworks explode in Can Tho City in the Mekong Delta. Photo by Huy Phong

    The Mekong Delta city launched 1,000 fireworks at the central stadium for 15 minutes starting at 9:30 p.m. to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Can Tho being a central city, and to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

    Nguyen Thanh Tung, 40, a Vietnamese national in Australia, said it had been over 10 years since he last returned to his hometown to celebrate the new year. He said many new skyscrapers had been built, and travel between Can Tho and HCMC has become much more convenient, taking only two hours on the expressway.

  • 22h20

    Music heats up Sword Lake in Hanoi


    Thousands of people dance to the music at Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. Photo by Giang Huy


    Music performances are available at the countdown event in Hanoi. Photo by Giang Huy


    Around the pedestrian streets near Sword lake, thousands of people watch spontaneous music shows. Photo by Gia Chinh

  • 21h50

    People faint at Hue music shows


    Tens of thousands of people have been drawn to the countdown musical performance in Hue. Photo by Ngoc Thanh


    People who fainted at a music show in Hue are taken to hospital. Photo by Vo Thanh

    New Year music shows in Hue have attracted tens of thousands of people. Roads intersecting with Hung Vuong were fully crowded, with some people fainting and were taken to the hospital.

  • 21h20

    Da Nang’s dragon breathes fire, water


    The dragon statue that runs along Da Nang’s iconic Dragon Bridge breathes fire in front of around 1,000 audiences. Photo by Nguyen Dong


    Many children take a shower as the dragon breaths water. Photo by Nguyen Dong


    A hotel in Da Nang is lit up with a”Happy New Year” banner. Photo by Nguyen Dong

    In Da Nang, the rains subsided at around 8 p.m. and people have traveled to the Bien Dong Park for the countdown event and music shows. Downtown roads towards the sea, like Le Duan and Nguyen Van Linh, were congested.

    During Christmas and this New Year’s Eve, Da Nang estimated to receive 261,000 visitors, a 35% increase from the same period last year. 138,000 visitors were foreigners.

    Rồng vàng phun lửa ở Đà Nẵng

    The dragon (bridge) breaths fire in Da Nang. Video by Nguyen Dong

  • 21h10

    Hanoians flock to shopping malls ahead of new year


    The dining area of a shopping mall in Hanoi is full. Photo by Ngoc Thanh

    The largest shopping amll in Ha Dong District, around 20 km from Hanoi center, was packed with people coming for shopping, dining and playing indoor games.


    People gather for a countdown event at a shopping mall to the east of Hanoi. Photo by Ngoc Thanh

  • 20h50

    Musical performance in HCMC walking street

    Người dân cả nước đổ ra đường đón năm mới

    People dance along a musical performance on Nguyen Hue walking street in HCMC. Video by Thanh Tung

  • 20h30

    Vung Tau welcomes new year by the sea

    Many locals and tourists gathered in coastal parks in Vung Tau beach town in the last night of the year, which was breezy at 28 degrees Celsius at 8 p.m. While many sat along the beach, others took a walk and some jumped into the water for a swim.


    People gather at a park by the sea in Vung Tau to wait for the new year. Photo by Truong Ha


    Tran Phu Street in Vung Tau is decorated with neon lights. Photo by Truong Ha

  • 20h30

    Nha Trang people wish for a better year


    A family of South Korean tourists take photos at the 2/4 Square in Nha Trang. Photo by VnExpress

    Most of the people in Nha Trang have gathered at the 2/4 Square to celebrate the New Year starting around 7:55 p.m. Traffic police officers are present at the site, banning motorbikes on a 300 m section on Tran Phu Street.

    Locals said New Year celebrations this year were not as bustling as last year’s.

    Le Xuan, 38, said this holiday, many of his friends chose to travel to Da Lat instead of staying in Nha Trang as they wanted to “experience the cold for the new year.”

    “This year, due to precarious economic situations, my family did not travel far, only hanging around the city. We will watch the fireworks at midnight. I hope everything will go well in 2024,” he said.

  • 19h45

    Hue people await countdown ceremony


    Thousands in Hue pour out the street for New Year’s Eve

    On the last day of 2023, weather of Thua Thien-Hue is cool, and many people have gone down Hung Vuong Street of downtown Hue to wait for the New Year. The countdown event will feature music shows, including EDM performances.

    There will also be a fireworks show at the city. Restaurants on Vo Thi Sau and Chu Van An streets have been full of customers.

    At 8 p.m., the music show began, but people had been at the site an hour prior. Barricades have been erected around the area to maintain safety, while authorities have been in pace to re-route traffic.

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