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VGS Hidden Castle applies technology for premium golfing experience

VGS Hidden Castle offers many top-notch services and is equipped with the most advanced technology to satisfy elite people with a passion for golf.

Launched in the Vietnam market in mid-February 2023, the golf club chain VGS Hidden Castle has a vision to deliver premium golfing experiences to high class people who are enthusiastic about golf as both a sport and a lifestyle.

Classy design, modern technology

Positioned as a technological golf chain for the elite, VGS Hidden Castle has a luxurious and modern design in the two main colors gold and brown. This brings out a sense of sophistication and energy to all members who come to practice.

With a total area of up to 1,300 m2 that includes many functional areas (modern training line system, Studio, VIP lounge, F&B area, shopping), VGS Hidden Castle is arranged scientifically to not only create a relaxing environment, but also ensure privacy for the elites to come to enjoy.

A space at VGS Hidden Castle. Photo by VGS Hidden Castle

A space at VGS Hidden Castle. Photo by VGS Hidden Castle

In addition, VGS Hidden Castle has a technological golf system equipped with the most advanced equipment on the market. To be more precise, VGS Hidden Castle applies the modern golf simulation technology Beyond Golf Simulator (BGS 2.0) by KGolf, which can simulate ball motion and analyze shots from every golf club with an accuracy of up to 99.99%.

The BGS 2.0 technology also allows members to practice and compete in many different modes to perfect specific skills such as swings, and driver and putting techniques… Furthermore, golfers are granted the opportunity to experience more than 100 simulated golf courses from around the world, and compete with golfers in many other countries on the same KGolf system thanks to this technology.

PGA certified team of coaches

The instructors at VGS Hidden Castle are all PGA certified. Photo by VGS Hidden Castle

The instructors at VGS Hidden Castle are all PGA certified. Photo by VGS Hidden Castle

The golf academy at VGS Hidden Castle is one of the few PGA-certified academies for golf coaching and training in Vietnam. It offers golf training and coaching at all levels for all ages with certified instructors.

Youth training is always a top goal at VGS Hidden Castle golf academy. This will be the place to create classes of young golfers and future golf talents for the Vietnamese national golf team.

Young golfers who attend the academy can not only practice and be trained by professional coaches with PGA certifications, but they can also train in developed golf environments like Korea, Thailand…

Event and exhibition space

Located in the heart of the easily-commutable Sala urban area, VGS Hidden Castle has a spacious area of up to 1,300 m2, which makes it very suitable for organizing seminars, art exhibitions, fashion shows and many other events.

This makes it a destination for business people, famous people and people with status in society to meet and connect with each other through golf games, as well as to open up opportunities for cooperation and potential investment in the future.

A space for hosting event. Photo by VGS Hidden Castlec

A space for hosting event. Photo by VGS Hidden Castle

Shopping, entertainment complex

VGS Hidden Castle integrates privileges for members in health care, beauty and shopping to motivate them to come for golf practice. Golfers can easily find world-famous, high-quality brands of fashion and golf equipment here, including SIDAS – a French brand specializing in manufacturing golf insoles.

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