Tuesday , November 29 2022

Temporary container stadium scores World Cup Qatar big points

World Cup host Qatar’s stadium 974 is the first temporary football venue in history thanks to its unique container design.

The stadium is constructed entirely from shipping containers and modular steel. It’s the first fully detachable football stadium, showing Qatar’s commitment to sustainability.

The number 974 is Qatar’s international dialing code and also the exact number of shipping containers used to build the stadium. Restrooms, waiting rooms, changing rooms and food courts will be set up across the containers.

Located next to a river in the capital Doha and only a few kilometers from Hamad International Airport, the stadium provides easy access to teams and fans.

The design allows natural wind to circulate in the stadium. Therefore, no air conditioning system is required, saving a huge amount of energy costs.

After the tournament, 974 will be deconstructed and its containers and modular steel frame repurposed.

Despite being a temporary stadium, 974 has a capacity of 40,000 and will host seven 2023 World Cup games.

Sân vận động ‘di động’ đầu tiên tại World Cup

Stadium 974 in Qatar. Video by AFP

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