Saturday , December 10 2022

Saucer clouds seen on Vietnam mountain top

Peculiar clouds, resembling a flying saucer, were spotted atop a mountain in the southern province of Tay Ninh on Thursday.

Images of the cloudson top of the Ba Den Mountain were uploaded on social media and shared by many on Thursday.

Do Vinh Quan, a local in Tay Ninh that borders HCMC, said he took a picture of the clouds at around 6 a.m. as he was going to work.

“I was surprised to see the clouds on top of the Ba Den Mountain with such a unique and beautiful shape,” Quan said, adding that the clouds had been there since around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, but did not fully take shape then.

Quan said these types of clouds can be seen quite often in the area.

“About 1-2 years ago, I used to take pictures of the ‘mountaintop wearing a hat’ like this. But this is the first time I see such a big ‘hat’,” he said.

Nguyen Dinh Quy, 25, said these clouds could be seen at the end of the year and during rainy months. He also shared a video he took in August with the same type of clouds.

Chuyên gia giải thích hiện tượng ‘mây bao đỉnh núi’ Bà Đen…như đĩa bay

Video footage of lenticular clouds on top of the Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh in August 2022. Video by Nguyen Dinh Quy

The Hanoi Amateur Astronomy Group (HAS) said the clouds in question were lenticular clouds, which are stationery clouds that are often formed near high mountains.

As moist and stable air flows over a larger eddy, like those caused by mountains, and temperatures drop below the dew point, lenticular clouds might be formed.

A HAS representative said lenticular clouds are not rare and are often seen in mountainous regions.

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