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Pha Đin Pass coloured with brilliant flowers

Young women in traditional costume take a photo with cherry blossoms. — VNA Photos Quang Quyết

ĐIỆN BIÊN — Pha Đin Pass in Phổng Lái Commune, Thuận Châu District in the province of Sơn La is one of the four great mountain passes in the northwestern region of the country. This is where history and nature converge making it an essential stop for travellers exploring Việt Nam’s captivating landscapes.

The 32-km long Pha Đin Pass is the gateway to the northwestern mountainous province of Điện Biên. It is located on Highway 6 between the two provinces.

Viewing cherry blossoms from the Pha Đin Peak tourism area.

To get to the top of the pass, people must walk through winding paths coloured with different kinds of flowers and trees on both sides. Upon reaching the pass, they will be overwhelmed with views of flower carpets showing off sheer beauty under the sky.

On top of that, it’s also a rare opportunity to take in a “birds-eye view” of the northeast mountains underneath. It’s a great escape from the daily hustle of life in big cities.

The flowers are extravagant, with pink blossoms in hanging clusters.

With its highest peak at 1,648m above the sea, this area is very suitable for growing winter-friendly flowers. Cherry blossoms have been grown much in Pha Đin Top tourism area. Around November every year, cherry blossoms lose their leaves.

Cherry blossoms covers the area with violet colour.

In December, it is cold and the flowers begin to bloom in clusters, with each flower typically consisting of multiple layers of overlapping petals.

This year, peach flowers blossom one month earlier than usual. They are grown along the roads in the area. The dark pink colour of the peach blossoms mixed with the tender buds makes a warming scene.

A little girl takes a photo in Pha Đin Top tourism area.

The colours of cherry blossoms, peach blossoms and rose myrtle on the top of the pass make a sure impression on tourists on sunny days. Rose myrtle grows in bushes along the hill sides.

Pha Đin Pass has always been in a list of must-visit places for nature lovers who go there to breath the fresh air, admire the natural landscapes and take photos. — VNS

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