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List of new national intangible cultural heritages and relics announced

A mud ball wrestling festival in Vân Village, Việt Yên District, Bắc Giang Province. Photo

HÀ NỘI — The craft of making fish sauce and rice paper in the southern province of Phú Yên, and the art of decorating traditional clothes of the Black Lô Lô ethnic minority are among new national intangible cultural heritages that have been recognised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The list of 19 newly recognised national intangible cultural heritages was divided into various types including traditional festivals, social practices and beliefs, handicraft, folk knowledge and traditional performing arts. They include:

1. A mud ball wrestling festival in Vân Village, Việt Yên District, Bắc Giang Province.

2. Tiên Lục Festival in Tiên Lục Commune, Lạng Giang District, Bắc Giang Province.

3. Kỳ Yên Festival in Thủ Dầu Một City, Bình Dương Province.

4. Dinh Thày Thím Festival in Tân Tiến Commune, La Gi Town, Bình Thuận Province.

5. New-rice festival of Xinh Mun ethnic group in Chiềng Sơ Commune, Điện Biên Đông District, Điện Biên Province.

6.  Khèn (panpipe) art of the Mông ethnic group in Điện Biên.

7. Rain-praying ritual of the ethnic Dao in Bắc Mê District, Hà Giang Province

8. Peace-praying ritual of the Giáy in Hà Giang.

9. The art of decorating traditional costumes of the Black Lô Lô in Lũng Cú Commune, Đồng Văn District, Hà Giang.

A Black Lô Lô woman in traditional costume. Photo

10. Rain-praying ritual in Lạc Hồng Commune, Văn Lâm District, Hưng Yên Province.

11. Xẩm (blind busker singing) in Yên Mô District and Kim Sơn District in Ninh Bình City, Ninh Bình Province.

12. Bình Hải Village Festival, Yên Nhân Commune, Yên Mô District, Ninh Bình.

13. Hùng Lô Communal House Festival, Hùng Lô Commune, Việt Trì City, Phú Thọ Province.

14. Vân Luông Temple Festival, Việt Trì City, Phú Thọ.

15. The craft of making fish sauce in Phú Yên Province.

16. The craft of making rice paper in Phú Yên.

17. Boat racing festival on Nhật Lệ River, Quảng Ninh District and Đồng Hới City, Quảng Bình Province.

Long boat racing festival on the Nhật Lệ River in Quảng Bình Province. VNA/VnExpress News Photo Đức Thọ

18. Long boat racing festival of the ethnic Khmer in Thạnh Trị, Châu Thành and Mỹ Xuyên districts, Sóc Trăng Province.

19.The art of making vegetarian food in Gò Dầu, Trảng Bàng, Tân Châu, Dương Minh Châu Districts, Hòa Thành Town, Tây Ninh City, Tây Ninh Province.

New special national relics

Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đức Đam recently signed a decision to recognise five relic sites as special national heritage.

They include the Tây Sơn Thượng Đạo historical relic complex in Kbang and Kong Chro districts of the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai; the President Hồ Chí Minh memorial site on Cô Tô Island of Quảng Ninh Province; and the Việt Nam-Laos revolutionary historical relic site in Yên Châu District of the northern province of Sơn La.

President Hồ Chí Minh memorial site on Cô Tô Island of Quảng Ninh Province. Photo

The 1015 (Charlie/Sạc Ly) and 1049 (Delta) high points in Sa Thầy and Đắk Tô districts of the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum were added to the Đắk Tô–Tân Cảnh Victory special national relic site.

Thăng Long Tứ Trấn (the four guard buildings) in Hà Nội, which are the four sacred temples of Bạch Mã (White Horse) in the east, Voi Phục (Kneeling Elephant) in the west, Kim Liên (Golden Lotus) in the south, and Quán Thánh in the north, was also named in the list. VnExpress News

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