Monday , June 24 2024

I do not know what my boyfriend does for a living

We started dating two years ago and all I know is my boyfriend is really wealthy, though I do not know exactly what he does.

I am a 24-year-old office worker. All of my ex-boyfriends were good-looking and came from wealthy backgrounds, as I am a woman who focuses on appearance and the materialistic aspect when deciding to date.

My current boyfriend is an exception. He does not look good, is short and chubby, but his financial ability seems the best out of the men I have dated. He has said he is planning to propose to me this month, and his family has already met my parents to discuss our marriage.

But there is one thing that makes me contemplate a lot: I cannot be sure what my boyfriend does for a living. All I know is that his parents claim to own a lot of real estate, which allows them to not go to work every day and simply stay at home and take care of their pets instead. The same goes for my boyfriend, as he has not worked since he finished his studies abroad.

I raised my confusion to him once, to which he answered he inherited his parents’ business which is in real estate. Still, I somehow don’t believe his family owns a real estate company.

He comforted me, saying I should not have to worry as he and his family do not break the law, but I feel he is not being honest with me.

I have deep feelings for my boyfriend now that we have dated for two years, and I admit I do not want to lose such a good boyfriend. But I really wonder about his and his family’s work.

Should I get married to him without knowing what he and his family really do?

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