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Video becomes new effective marketing method


A team records a video to advertise fashion products. Videos, especially short clips on social media, have become an effective marketing solution. — Photo

HCM CITY — Videos, especially short clips on social media, have become an effective marketing solution amid the rise of mobile phones and Gen Z’s predilection to watch videos on their phones.

Asked to forecast global marketing trends, companies agree that videos play a big role.

Social Shepherd, in its predication of ‘7 Innovative Video Marketing Trends for 2022 and Beyond,’ said: “Most people today are busy juggling between work, family and personal hobbies. The idea of stopping to consume content that takes longer than a few minutes just is not on the cards for some.

“Video is the new marketing tool entering the ring, and the crowd is loving it.

“Most recently, YouTube saw a 20 to 30 per cent increase in views. Engagement is at an all-time high, with 56 per cent of consumers watching more videos on social media each month.

“But they’re not only watching influencers and funny skits. Data shows that four in 10 internet users follow brands they like [and consider buying from]. Another 35 per cent have watched videos made by brands.”

Marketing Insider Group also made the same prediction about the eight exciting video marketing trends of 2022.

“Gone are the days when video marketing required expensive equipment and a big production budget. In fact, even brands that can afford those things are turning to smartphones to create more relatable, authentic content.”

The company cited the example of Apple and its ShotOniPhone Campaign, which asked users to submit their best iPhone shots for a chance to get them featured on an Apple commercial or hoarding, and has over the years generated more than 15 million submissions that have proven that video content created on a smartphone can be indistinguishable from what we see in traditional media.

Recently many social media channels like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram have short videos in which companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, advertise their products.

A young woman in HCM City said she often decided to buy things after watching short videos on social media.

“I like short videos more than reading information in advertisement copy. Watching videos are more attractive than reading and products look more real.”

A recent report from TikTok said 71 per cent of its users agree that for them the biggest trends start on it, 61 per cent like brands better when they participate on the platform and 43 per cent take action after watching such video.

The report said in Southeast Asia the accelerated shift in shopping behaviour has ushered in an age of Shoppertainment, where consumers are increasingly drawn to entertaining and feel-good shopping experiences.

About four in 10 users discovered something on TikTok and immediately went to buy it. 

Many companies, including in Việt Nam, achieve good results with such new marketing methods.

For instance, Vinamilk ran an engaging branded hashtag challenge, called #VuDieuDelight, featuring a catchy brand song and easy-to-learn ‘Flavor Tornado’ dance on TikTok. 

#VuDieuDelight attracted more than 71,000 users who submitted 114,000 videos within just six days, exceeding all expectations set for the campaign.

More than 133 million impressions were also delivered through a combination of various ad formats. 

Peculiar Eyewear is a leading retailer of protective eyewear in Southeast Asia.

Its founder, Isaac Salienda, started his e-commerce business at 20 years of age with US$200 in capital.

To boost sales, Peculiar decided to run TikTok ads.

Since launching its first ad in May 2021, the company has seen a 115 per cent increase in sales.  

Netflix partnered with TikTok to promote the release of its latest thriller series ‘All Of Us Are Dead.’

Leveraging various solutions such as branded hashtag challenge and TopView, the campaign delivered 11.5 billion video views and 3.5 million video creations within one month from launch.

“With custom filters, media placements, influencer engagement, and hashtag challenges trending throughout Asia, the campaign racked up 11.5 billion video views in February alone along with 3.5 million pieces of unique user-generated content and 22 per cent engagement in some of TikTok’s largest markets,” Barry Smyth, Netflix APAC CMO, said. — – VnExpress News


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