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Huge potential of elevator media channel

The building elevator media channel in Vietnam is increasingly popular, helping 700 domestic and international businesses promote their images and products.

Jim Smyth, the New York Festival’s President, said the building elevator media channel is the most effective nowadays and hard to replace, supporting businesses in promoting their brands and new products.

Because of its advantages and huge potential, this channel was honored at three advertising festivals in 2017, including the Brand Communications Award at the New York Festivals in the United States, the London International Awards in the United Kingdom, and the “Digital Media” Award in Busan, Korea.

Elevators are important urban infrastructure, and elevator media channel has a great influence on key consumer groups.

Watching advertisements while waiting for the elevator is common among many office workers and residents. Photo courtesy of Chicilon

Many office workers and apartment building residents have the habit of watching advertisements while waiting for the elevator. Photo courtesy of Chicilon

According to experts, on average, a person spends 3-5 hours looking at their phone every day, but because there are too many options, they only read necessary content and ignore ads. Therefore, businesses encounter difficulties in introducing products and brands on mobile phone.

Building media channel penetrates the living space of key consumer groups, where they have to come across the screens every day, partly solving businesses’ problem of accessing the customers.

The basic media ecosystem includes three main segments: traditional television, which has advantages in coverage and reputation; Facebook and YouTube, highly connected, highly interactive online channels; and building elevator channels.

Advertising screens in buildings reach the main consumer groups in urban areas, are available at close distance with the viewers, and broadcast at high frequency every day.

When going to work, getting off work, leaving or returning home, people have to travel by elevator many times. Both outside and inside the space of 2-3 m2, there are visual screens with direct and coercive advertising messages.

While waiting or taking the elevator, ads that appear will be more attractive and memorable. Photo courtesy of Chicilon

Ads that appear on the screen while people are waiting or taking the elevator will be more attractive and memorable to them. Photo courtesy of Chicilon

In Vietnam, Chicilon Media covers more than 90% of advertising screens at buildings and offices, having installed up to 32,000 screens.

The business is reaching more than 40 million consumers via four channels: television, building elevator posters, supermarket television, and airport posters with LED.

The unit provides communication services for more than 700 large domestic businesses, such as Vinamilk, Samsung, Unilever, LG, Viettel, Daikin, VNPT, FPT, Masan, Oppo, Vivo, Midea, Aqua…

According to the brand representative, the way to access information is changing greatly, but the living space is very difficult to change.

Compared to actively searching for target users on the Internet, the building elevator channel has made good use of idle time in people’s daily travel, achieving high advertising efficiency.

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