Sunday , February 5 2023

HCMC man hands over 5-meter python

A man in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday handed over a python he has kept for seven years to the city’s forest rangers.

The python, 53kg and more than 5m long, was the biggest python ever received by the HCMC Forest Management Department.

Nguyen Thu Tran, 44, in District 7, said seven years ago, a friend gave him the python for meat but he felt sorry for it so he put it in a cage and raised it.

“When I first got it, the python weighed just 7kg but it has become too big so I wanted to return it back to the wild,” he said.

The python goes by the scientific name Burmese python, or Python bivittatus, and belongs to the Group IIB of Vietnam’s Red List, which means animals that are endangered, rare and precious wildlife species. It is listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

It can be as long as 8m.

Trăn đất nặng 53kg

A 5-meter 53-kg python is handed over to the HCMC’s Forest Management Department, December 27, 2022. Video by VnExpress/Dinh Van

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