Tuesday , September 26 2023

Government issues new decree on registration fees

A car showroom in Hà Nội. Photo choxeotofun.net

HÀ NỘI —  Deputy Prime Minister Lê Minh Khái has recently signed Decree No. 10/2022 on regulating registration fees. The decree will take effect from March 1 this year.

Accordingly, the property registration fee is 0.5 per cent while the fee on hunting guns and guns used for training and sports competition is 2 per cent. For ships including barges, canoes, tugs, pushers, submarines, submersibles and boats, including yachts and aircraft, the fee is 1 per cent.

The registration fee for motorbikes is 2 per cent. Motorbikes of organisations and individuals in centrally-run cities shall pay the registration fee for the first time at the rate of 5 per cent while the owner of motorbikes paying the registration fee for the second time onward will pay 1 per cent.

In cases where the owner has made a declaration and paid a registration fee of 2 per cent for their motorbikes and then transferred it to an organisation or individual in the area specified above, the registration fee shall be paid at a rate of 5 per cent.

For automobiles, trailers, semi-trailers, and vehicles similar to automobiles, the fee is 2 per cent. For 9-seater vehicles or less (including pick-ups), the first registration fee is paid at a rate of 10 per cent.

If it is necessary to apply a higher tax rate to suit the actual conditions in each locality, the People’s Council of the province will decide to increase it, but not exceeding 50 per cent of the general regulations.

For cargo pick-up trucks with a permissible transport volume of less than 950kg and with five seats or less, and vans with a carrying volume of less than 950kg, the registration fee for the first time is equal to 60 per cent of the first registration fee for 9-seater cars or less.

The decree stipulates that for owners of a battery-powered electric car, the first registration fee does not need to be paid within three years of March 1, 2022, but they will pay the first registration fee equal to 50 per cent of the fee for petrol and diesel cars with the same number of seats within the next two years.

The decree states that the registration fee for cars is payable from the second time onward at the rate of 2 per cent and uniformly applied nationwide.

Based on the type of vehicle specified in the certificate of quality, technical safety, and environmental protection issued by the Vietnamese registry, the tax authority will determine the registration fee for automobiles, trailers or vehicles, and semi-trailers.

For the frame, total body, and any engine block that is replaced, it must be registered with a competent State agency and the corresponding registration fee will be applied.

For organisations and individuals that have been exempted or not required to pay registration fees when registering their ownership of cars and motorbikes for the first time, if they transfer the vehicles to other organisations or individuals or change their use purposes but do not belong to an organisation or individual eligible for registration fee exemption as prescribed, the organisation or individual shall pay the registration fee with the initial collection rate based on its remaining use value.

The transferee registering the ownership of a car or motorbike shall pay the registration fee for the second time onward.

To determine the previous registration of ownership, the organisation or individual receiving the transfer shall pay a registration fee at the initial rate when registering the ownership of a car or motorbike. The registration fee for the property specified above is limited to a maximum of VNĐ500 million per property for registration, except for passenger cars with nine seats or less, aircraft and yachts.

As of March 1, 2022, the registration fee for passenger cars with nine seats or less and the fee for calculating the registration fee for houses, cars, and motorbikes will continue to be collected by the current regulations of the provincial people’s council, provincial people’s committee and the Ministry of Finance until the provincial people’s council promulgates a new registration fee.

The people’s committees of provinces and cities shall issue a new registration fee calculation price list for houses, and the Ministry of Finance shall issue a new registration fee calculation price list for cars and motorbikes according to the decree. The registration fee for battery-powered electric cars shall also comply with the decree. — VnExpress News



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