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Global Launch: CRRC Unveils Seven New Energy Locomotives for the First Time

Global Launch: CRRC Unveils Seven New Energy Locomotives for the First Time

BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 11 July 2024 – On June 28, Beijing time, CRRC unveiled a series of new energy locomotives for the first time globally in Beijing. A report on the carbon footprint of new energy locomotives was released, and the Initiative on Carbon Footprint of Rail Transit Equipment was proposed.

CRRC unveils seven new energy locomotives for the first time
CRRC unveils seven new energy locomotives for the first time

7 types of real-locomotive representatives made their debut at the launch conference. New energy locomotives can achieve low-carbon and zero carbon emissions, low-noise, and high-efficient operation, effectively solving the problems of “high fuel consumption, high emissions, high noise, and poor driving experience” in old diesel locomotives. The power of these serialized new energy locomotives range from 1000 kW to 2000 kW, which can cover all scenarios of user operation conditions, and each power level has three power configurations of “diesel engine + power battery”, “power battery”, and “hydrogen fuel cell”, providing users with different options.
According to the carbon footprint data of new energy locomotives calculated based on standard operating conditions and using green electricity, each “power battery” locomotive reduces carbon footprint by 94.2%, which can reduce carbon emissions of 4,076 tons, equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 1 million trees and 200 hectares of forest in a year. The carbon footprint of the “diesel engine + power battery” locomotive during the operation is reduced by 61.7%, which can reduce carbon emissions of 2,735 tons, equivalent to a carbon dioxide reduction of 54.7 million kilometers by bicycle, nearly 1,367 loops around the Earth’s equator.
The development of new energy locomotives has promoted the in-depth application of green and low-carbon technologies in the transportation field, conforming to the global concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development. It has a positive significance in accelerating the transformation of old diesel locomotives into new energy and driving the updating, iteration, and upgrading of existing rail transit equipment. With the increasing global attention to environmental issues, new energy locomotives, as a low-emission and low-noise means of transportation, will be more and more favored by countries around the world.
CRRC’s serialized new energy locomotives unveiled for the first time are destined to become a new milestone in the development of the global rail transit industry. These serialized new energy locomotives originate from China and also belong to the world. In the future, they will effectively expand and deepen practical cooperation in new fields, and have a profound impact on the industry.
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