Sunday , June 4 2023

Forced to compensate for defective products, 300 garment workers go on strike

Over 300 workers struck work Monday morning at garment maker Saitex International in southern Dong Nai Province to protest against its policy of docking wages for defective products.

When they received their March salary, the workers realized there were deductions of VND200,000-1,000,000 ($8.5-42.4).

Saying there were many defective products in March, the Hong Kong company said the workers had to compensate for products with defectiveness rates of 15-25%, and the money would be deducted from their salaries.

If the rates decrease next month it would gradually refund the money within three months, it promised.

After working with a local trade union, the company refunded the money, and workers were back to work.

An official of the Dong Nai Labor Confederation said it is inappropriate for the company to deduct its employees’ salary for defective products, because the law does not allow that.

Instead, the company should focus on management so that its employees can work well and improve product quality, said the official.

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