Saturday , April 20 2024

Finland accepts Vietnam’s new passport

Finland has announced that it will recognize Vietnam’s new passport as long as it includes the holder’s birthplace information.

Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it has decided to accept Vietnam’s new passport with the holder’s birthplace information added and officially verified, the Vietnamese Embassy in Finland said Friday.

The Finnish Embassy in Vietnam announced on August 11 that it would cease issuing visas for holders of the new Vietnamese passport due to a lack of birthplace information, emphasizing that Finland will actively collaborate with E.U. member states, other countries in the Schengen area and Vietnam to solve this problem.

Germany in late July announced that it would no longer issue visas for holder of the new Vietnamese passport because it did not include the holder’s birthplace information, an action followed by Spain, the Czech Republic and Finland.

Public Security Minister To Lam said information regarding places of birth would be added to Vietnam’s new passports to make it convenient for citizens.

He said the new passports do not have information regarding birthplaces because it is not an absolute requirement in accordance with regulations by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). They are also not included in passports in accordance with Vietnam’s Law on Entry and Exit of Vietnamese Citizens.

Later Germany and Spain have said that they would recognize the Vietnamese passport if the information about the place of birth is filled out.

The U.S. has required that those preparing to apply for a visa or have a visa interview to bring along documents proving their place of birth.

Vietnamese new passport, with decorations on its pages and covers, has been in use since July 1 this year. The old, green cover passports will continue to be valid till they expire.

France and the U.K. have stated that they will continue to recognize Vietnam’s new passport without extra requirement.

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