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Exploring Đồ Sơn coastal roads


Panoramic view of the coastal road running by Bảo Đại mansion. — Photo

HẢI PHÒNG — Visitors to Hải Phòng City can enjoy a delightful experience by exploring the scenic Vạn Hương and Vạn Hoa roads, discovering the captivating attractions of Đồ Sơn Peninsula.

To reach Đồ Sơn District from Hải Phòng City centre, tourists can follow Nguyễn Hữu Cầu Street, which serves as a connecting route from the city centre to Đồ Sơn District. Along this road, visitors will be greeted by the enchanting beauty of the peninsula.

Đồ Sơn boasts several long, breezy coastal roads that encircle the entire peninsula. One such road is Vạn Hoa Road, which stretches from Dragon Hill to Area 2. With the sea on one side and the majestic Hoành Sơn Mountain on the other, this section of Vạn Hoa offers a picturesque and awe-inspiring journey for tourists to capture memorable photos.

Another notable street in the area is Vạn Hương Road, located in close proximity to Đồ Sơn Beach. Visitors can leisurely drive along this road, enjoying the scenic views of the sea and listening to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore.

As travellers continue along Vạn Hương road, they will encounter a bend where the revered Vạn Ngang Temple is situated. Founded during the Lý Dynasty, this temple is dedicated to the worship of Chư Vị Thánh Tiên. Nestled at the foot of Hoành Sơn Mountain, the temple overlooks the vast expanse of Đồ Sơn sea, offering a serene and picturesque setting.

One of the notable landmarks in the region is the Bảo Đại Mansion. Constructed in 1928 by the Governor General of Indochina as a resort, it was later gifted to King Bảo Đại. Situated atop Vung Hill, the mansion occupies an area of 1,000sq.m within a sprawling campus spanning over 3,700sq.m. The coastal road that winds by Bảo Đại Mansion is adorned with lush green trees, providing a refreshing atmosphere during the summer and a romantic ambiance in the winter.

Đồ Sơn, a small peninsula and district in the southeast of Hải Phòng City, is renowned for its beaches that attract numerous tourists.

In addition to its historical and spiritual sites, Đồ Sơn also offers modern tourist areas with various entertainment options. The Dragon Hill tourist area, which includes facilities such as a conference centre, golf course, swimming pool, artificial beach, water park and hotel, is gradually nearing completion, with some sections already operational. VNS




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