Friday , June 21 2024

Dubai millionaire’s wife complains on TikTok

TikToker Soudi of Arabia’s videos complaining about the problems of being married to her Emirati millionaire husband have gone viral.

Soudi and her Emirati millionaire husband Jamal. Photo from Soudi’s Instagram

Soudi and her Emirati millionaire husband Jamal. Photo from Soudi’s Instagram

Cultural differences between her and her husband was the first thing she mentioned. She’s from a Western background while her husband, Jamal, is from Middle-Eastern heritage, according to

“Most women [here] don’t show their face on social media,” the British-born TikToker said in her TikTok. “Obviously, as an influencer I’ve always done that, so that had to be something we compromised on from the beginning.”

Other issues Soudi mentioned included the fact that she had to familiarize herself with how busy her husband is, and look as good as possible everywhere she goes all the time.

The millionaire’s wife also talked about how much pressure is on her to know every newest fashion trend.

Soudi’s video has garnered over 3 million views and around 3,000 comments since it was uploaded. Reactions from her followers varied, from counter-arguing that Soudi’s life was desirable, to agreeing with Soudi that her life sounded stressful.

“Wish I had these problems,” a netizen wrote under the comment section.

“This sounds like a nightmare,” commented another.

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