Monday , August 8 2022

Corruption accused must pay full compensation for amnesty consideration

Those accused of corruption must have paid full compensation for their violations to be considered for amnesty this year, the public security ministry said.

At a Monday ceremony on this year’s amnesty, Nguyen Van Long, Deputy Minister of Public Security, said criminals that “violated economic management orders and misused their positions” must “complete their civil responsibilities” before they could be considered for amnesty on National Day (Sep. 2) this year.

This is the second year in a row that Phuc would grant amnesty, and also the second where those accused of corruption must have compensated for their crimes before they could be considered for amnesty.

Vietnam has had six amnesty occasions from 2009 to 2016, with around 90,000 prisoners released early.

Those eligible for this year’s amnesty on National Day are those serving timed sentences, those who’ve had life sentences reduced to time sentences, and those who’ve had their prison sentences suspended.

Prisoners to be considered for amnesty must have good behavior and served at least half their sentences or at least 15 years.

Monetary compensation is also an additional punishment for those who are considered for amnesty. Those whose financial circumstances don’t allow them to pay full compensation can also be considered for amnesty. However, corruption criminals must finish all their civil obligations, including monetary compensation, before they could be considered for amnesty.

Certain groups of people, for example those with disabilities or severe diseases, those aged 70 and above and those who are their family’s sole breadwinner and pregnant prisoners, might also be considered for amnesty if they’ve served at least one-third or two-fifths of their sentences, or at least 13 years.

Those who committed treason and espionage, among other categories, will not be considered for amnesty this year.

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