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Conference on unleashing overseas Vietnamese resources to be held late December in Hải Phòng City

Overseas Vietnamese on a ‘special trip’ arranged to visit Việt Nam’s Trường Sa (Spratly) archipelago and DK1 platforms, considered to be “ocean fortresses” in the outermost sea territory of Việt Nam, in April 2023. — VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI — A conference aimed at unlocking the potential of overseas Vietnamese resources and fostering connections between various regions and businesses is set to take place in the northern port city of Hải Phòng from December 26 to 28.

The event provides a platform to link entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and experts from the Vietnamese diaspora with domestic agencies and regions. Its purpose is to serve as a forum for attracting and harnessing the contributions of the overseas Vietnamese community to the nation’s development, particularly in the realms of economy, trade, investment, science and technology, and innovation.

“That will be an opportunity for central and local Vietnamese agencies to understand more about the aspirations and the wishes of the overseas Vietnamese regarding policies that relate to them and will contribute to the implementation of State and Government’s policies regarding overseas Vietnamese affairs,” Lê Thị Thu Hằng, deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and head of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, said.

Over 20 countries and territories are represented by hundreds of overseas Vietnamese who have registered to participate in the conference, alongside more than 20 localities from across the country.

Underlining the significance of the conference, she noted the historical contributions of the overseas Vietnamese community to their homeland’s struggle for independence, the ongoing national construction and protection efforts, and international integration.

The conference will concentrate on three main themes: green investment, human resources development, and supply chain development — areas of paramount importance for Việt Nam, as highlighted by the deputy foreign minister.

At present, approximately six million Vietnamese reside in over 130 countries and territories worldwide. Notably, 10-12 per cent of this overseas population comprises intellectuals, scientists, technicians, and high-quality human resources, totalling around 600,000 individuals, with over 80 per cent residing in developed countries.

In the economic sphere, the overseas Vietnamese business community actively engages in global production, supply, and distribution chains, notably in Europe and the United States. Their investments amount to roughly US$1.7 billion, spreading across more than 380 projects in 42 out of Việt Nam’s 63 provinces and cities.

Việt Nam ranks among the top ten countries globally in terms of receiving remittances, totalling around $193 billion between 1993 and 2022, according to Hằng.

“Another potential resource, I think Vietnamese labourers working abroad can become a skilled, disciplined labour force and when they return to Việt Nam, they will be able to contribute a great deal to the nation,” she noted.

She also stressed how the overseas community is a very important bridge that directly connects Việt Nam to other nations and peoples, and as a result, they play an important role in consolidating friendship and cooperation ties between Việt Nam and other countries, and in promoting the image of Vietnamese culture and people to the international community.

She also highlighted the various strategies, policies, and specific programmes implemented by the Vietnamese Party, State, and Government to mobilise overseas Vietnamese resources, and the focus of 2024 and beyond will be on integrating these policies into real life.

Deputy Chairman of Hải Phòng People’s Committee of Hoàng Minh Cường said that in the context of national efforts to actively promote industrialisation and modernisation, Hải Phòng, not unlike other localities, is in great needs of capital, scientific and technological resources, and advanced management expertise.

This requires the effective utilisation and enhancement of diverse domestic and foreign resources.

According to the latest survey, there are about 47,000 people from Hải Phòng who are currently residing overseas in 56 countries/territories, mostly in Asia (64 per cent), Europe (25 per cent), and Americas (10 per cent). There are also about 23,000 people from Hải Phòng who are studying and working overseas, Cường noted.

Currently, the proportion of overseas Vietnamese from Hải Phòng accounts for about 2 per cent of the city’s population, among the top in the country.

He lauded the overseas community as dynamic and flexible in adaptation, pointing out that many have succeeded in many businesses and about 65 per cent have stable jobs.

Overseas Vietnamese actively contribute to investment and business activities, with 80 foreign enterprises and 60 domestic investment projects. They play a crucial role in connecting local products, services, and businesses with those in the home country and the city, Cường said. — VNS

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