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Chinese actress Zheng Shuang allegedly seeks financial aid from ex-boyfriends to pay creditors

Local media have reported that actress Zheng Shuang allegedly reached out to her former partners to request financial assistance for her debts, as she was unable to pay them herself.

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang. Photo from Zhengs Weibo

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang. Photo from Zheng’s Weibo

As per Dan Tri Newspaper, a QQ article about Zheng’s current circumstances in the U.S. disclosed that she is experiencing difficulties, according to a source close to her.

It was reported that Zheng had to proactively contact her two former boyfriends, Chinese singer Tiger Hu and actor Hans Zhang, for financial assistance. It is reported that Hu transferred 1.5 million yuan (US$206,000) to Zheng, while Zhang provided her with 300,000 yuan.

Zheng is currently indebted to the production crews of the films “Jade Lover” and “Secret Keepers.” She had been cast in these projects, however, her surrogacy and tax evasion scandals that surfaced in 2021 prevented their release.

Renwu Magazine noted that Zheng was mandated to pay the “Secret Keepers” crew 120 million yuan, and The Paper stated that she was ordered to compensate the “Jade Lover” crew 90.5 million yuan by Chinese courts.

However, the South China Morning Post reported that legal documents made public on April 1 by Tianyancha, a Chinese enterprise information provider, stated that the actress had no assets and was declared bankrupt.

This revelation of Zheng’s bankruptcy has sparked widespread speculation on social media about possible asset transfers aimed at avoiding debt repayment.

Before these legal issues emerged, Zheng, 33, was recognized as a leading actress in China.

Her involvement in surrogacy became public in 2021 when her former partner Zhang Heng, 34, revealed their surrogacy arrangements in the U.S. and accused her of intending to abandon the child as their relationship deteriorated.

Furthermore, Zheng faced a 299 million yuan fine for tax evasion that year.

Additional reports indicate that she has relocated to the U.S. and has been placed on a list of “dishonest citizens,” which imposes spending restrictions on her. These limitations include prohibitions on booking flights, purchasing high-speed train tickets, and staying in five-star hotels.

In February, Zheng stated she had exhausted her financial resources and was subsisting on her parents’ pension. She expressed her intention to earn money and settle her debts as decreed by the court.

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