Wednesday , May 29 2024

Boy breathes out notes as toy horn stuck inside lung for 7 years

A toy horn was stuck inside a teenager’s lung for seven years, causing him to breathe out notes.

The boy from central Phu Yen Province, then 8 years old, was blowing a toy horn when his friend slapped his back, causing him to choke on it. However, he did not show signs of breathing difficulties. His family at the time heard the sounds of horns coming off him whenever he breathed, so they took him to a local hospital for a check-up.

Doctors at the time said whatever he swallowed would eventually get out of his body throught the anus. Afterwards, the boy breathed normally, showing no signs of breathing difficulties or pneumonia. Sometimes he had coughs, which went away after drinking medicine.

Until a month ago, the 15-year-old boy suddenly had more frequent coughs, and so he was taken to a hospital in HCMC for a check-up. He was taken to a tuberculosis treatment facility. He underwent a tuberculosis treatment regime, and had a check-up every 10 days. After four check-ups and his condition did not improve, he returned home and was taken to the Binh Dinh Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital. Doctors suspected there was something trapped inside his lung, so he was taken to the Children’s Hospital 1.

Phu Quoc Viet, deputy head of the otorhinolaryngology department at the hospital, on Wednesday said the team found that the case was a difficult one, as the object had been lodged inside the lung for too long and was located deep inside the bronchi.

After a long surgery, the horn was taken out of the boy. Following the surgery, the boy was able to eat and drink normally.

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