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Baritone Bách Nguyễn makes debut with Trần Tiến’s music


Singer Bách Nguyễn performs at the launch ceremony yesterday in Hà Nội. VnExpress News Photo Ngô Minh

HÀ NỘI — Baritone Bách Nguyễn has released the first album during his 20-year singing career.

With the title of Về Đi Em (Come Here with Me), the album is inspired by the music of composer Trần Tiến.

Bách covered nine popular songs by Tiến, including Về Đi Em, Giấc Mơ Chapi (Chapi’s Dream), Ngọn Lửa Cao Nguyên (The Flame of Highlands) and Ngẫu Hứng Sông Hồng (Improvisation of Red River).

Trần Tiến is one of the most prominent composers of Vietnamese contemporary music. Bách said he sympathised with the composer’s songs and found many similarities to Tiến’s life and philosophy, especially the love for Hà Nội.

Bách Nguyễn was born and grew up in Hà Nội. Like Tiến, he had a difficult childhood with his studies interrupted as his family constantly moved around. At the age of 16, People’s Artist Trần Hiếu who is the elder brother of Tiến, discovered his musical talent and brought him to the Việt Nam National Academy of Music. Hiếu became Bách’s teacher.

So apart from Hiếu, Bách also had the chance to know Tiến and learn from him. Then, Bách joined Tiến to work at the Thăng Long Song, Dance and Music Theatre.

“I loved Tiến’s music when I was a boy. The romantic songs became my breath. I found myself in his lyrics,” Bách said.

For him, Hà Nội’s silent nights and noisy streets are like musical notes in an acoustic song. So he sings Tiến’s songs as if he tells a story of Hà Nội and of himself alike.

Baritone Bách Nguyễn said he loved Trần Tiến’s music when he was younger. Photo courtesy of the artist

Meritorious Artist Tấn Minh, director of Thăng Long Song, Dance and Music Theatre, helped Bách produce this acoustic album. According to Minh, composer Tiến and singer Bách have many similarities in style, music and personality.

Minh said that Bách won over the audience’s hearts with his gifted and emotional voice. Though Bách has performed as a professional artist for 20 years, this is the first time he has released a solo album. Minh thinks it’s never too late for an artist.

“If he works seriously, sacrifices for the music and performs with emotion, he still earns a big achievement. In my opinion, this album is a big hallmark in Bách’s life,” he said.

Divo Tùng Dương, who has often performed Tiến’s songs, said it’s amazing to hear Bách sing Tiến’s. According to Dương, Bách’s baritone voice is well matched to Tiến’s music.

“The experience and truthful emotion in Bách’s performance created a musical space for Tiến. I believe that these songs will touch people’s hearts,” said Dương.

Apart from releasing a CD, Bách also uploaded the album to YouTube at VnExpress News

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