Tuesday , February 7 2023

Apple opens YouTube channel in Vietnam

Apple has created a YouTube channel for the Vietnamese market, a move that some users believe as a sign the brand is going to open Apple Stores in the country.

YouTube users in Vietnam on Friday reported seeing a promotional video about Apple on the video-hosting platform, with Vietnamese subtitles and posted on a channel called Apple Viet Nam.

The channel’s description signified that it’s an official channel that belongs to the global Apple channel network, and has a verified mark. The channel was created on December 6 and uploaded 11 different videos Saturday morning, not allowing comments.

Apple has around 24 channels on YouTube, including channels for Apple Support, Apple TV and channels for local markets.

“Markets with their own channels all have Apple Stores, so it is likely that Apple is about to open an authorized store [in Vietnam],” an user named Lam Nguyen posted on a forum for Apple users.

A representative of a reseller said the creation of a YouTube channel does not mean an Apple Store is coming, but is is a sign that the brand is paying more attention to the Vietnamese market.

The representative said Vietnam might have enough requirements to become a prioritized market at the highest tier in 2024. At that time, the brand is expected to open Apple Stores and begin selling iPhones and other products at the same time as other important markets like the U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, the representative added.

Despite not having Apple Stores like regional markets Thailand and Singapore, in recent years Vietnamese users have been seeing changes to the way Apple sell its products and services, including how the brands increases its presence in mono stores.

Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing markets for Apple products this year, with especially high demand for iPhones.

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