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Vogue Singapore lauds Vietnamese desinger’s architecture-inspired fashion

Vogue Singapore praised local designer Cuong Dam for fusing architectural elements to create his own distinguish clothing style.

“Today, Dam has made leaps and bounds in his country’s fashion scene as he leads Vietnam’s vanguard of emerging designers who infuse traditional elements into contemporary, forward-thinking pieces,” Kelly Khua wrote in an article for Vogue Singapore on Thursday.

The designer-turned-architect is praised for his ability to seamlessly blend Vietnam’s cultural heritage and architecture,two fundamental principles in his creative philosophy. In addition, his works are gradually gaining momentum and making their way into international markets.

The author also mentioned the designer’s “Inflowing” collection, which features designs that channel minimalist luxe and Vietnam’s cultural values.

“A multi-sensorial runway experience where models strutted to the beat of experimental music, which blended the sounds of traditional instruments, IDM and techno,” the article stated.

Designs in Cuong Dams Inflowing collection. Photo courtesy of CDam

Designs in Cuong Dam’s “Inflowing” collection. Photo courtesy of CDam

“Inflowing” demonstrates the designer’s proclivity for contrasting elements like femininity versus masculinity and traditional versus contemporary.

Those wearing his clothes, according to the article, could be described as “bold, modern and creative with a rebellious spirit.”

During his interview with Vogue Singapore, the designer said that a person needs to have “a unique language based on their own cultural heritage” if they want to stand out in the competitive and rapidly expanding field of fashion.

Cuong Dam was born in Hanoi in 1990 and attended Hanoi Architectural University and the London College for Design & Fashion in Hanoi.

He rose to prominence with the show “Inflowing ” in June. Previously, he made his mark with collections like “Warriors in Yoshiwara”,”Fusion” and “Inflow”.

His creations aim for a luxurious appearance suited to a variety of events. Many local celebrities, including musicians and beauty queens, have worn his clothes.

Show ‘Inflowing’ của Cường Đàm

Cuong Dam’s “Inflowing” fashion show in June 2022. Video by Y Ly

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