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VinCSS appoints new deputy CEO

VinCSS Cyber Security Services has named deputy Philip Hung Cao as its new deputy CEO.

Philip Hung Cao, the new deputy CEO of VinCSS, will be responsible for driving the companys strategic initiatives, market development, business expansion, and marketing endeavors. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Philip Hung Cao, the new deputy CEO of VinCSS, will be responsible for driving the company’s strategic initiatives, market development, business expansion, and marketing endeavors. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

VinCSS Cyber Security Services Joint Stock Company, a prominent member of Vingroup, has made significant strides in its growth strategy by announcing the appointment of a new deputy CEO.

Philip Hung Cao is a seasoned professional in the field of information technology and information security with a track record spanning over 22 years. He is a highly regarded figure in this landscape, both in Vietnam and across ASEAN, the Asia-Pacific, and beyond.

Prior to joining VinCSS, Cao held pivotal roles at Palo Alto Networks, a globally renowned leader in the information security industry.

He served as the ASEAN channel systems engineering manager and also took on the esteemed position of global ambassador for Zero Trust.

During this tenure, he played a vital role in establishing a solid foundation for Palo Alto Networks in the ASEAN market, encompassing technology advancement, market penetration, partner channel development, customer acquisition, and community engagement.

He has earned international recognition as a distinguished speaker on information security and Zero Trust. His expertise has been certified by Forrester, positioning him as one of the first few leading Zero Trust strategists on a global scale.

The new appointee holds a master’s degree in information security with a specialization in executive leadership in information assurance from EC-Council University.

Furthermore, he has obtained advanced leadership certifications from renowned institutions such as Oxford University and Stanford University executive leadership and information security.

According to Do Ngoc Duy Trac, CEO of VinCSS, after nearly five years of operations, VinCSS is embarking on its Series B phase.

The company aimed at expanding its presence into regional and international markets with VinCSS FIDO2 passwordless authentication solutions, identity and access management, and a strong focus on research and development of the VinCSS Zero Trust ecosystem and platform.

“With the inclusion of Philip’s remarkable expertise and capabilities within the senior leadership team, we are confident in our ability to enhance the overall capacity, ensuring that VinCSS remains well-engaged and poised for the upcoming regional development phase,” said Trac.

In response, Cao expressed his gratitude and said he was truly honored and privileged to join VinCSS and collaborate with the team in the pursuit of safeguarding digital lives.

He expects to leverage the cutting-edge “Make In Vietnam” technology platforms, which have been internationally certified by esteemed organizations such as the FIDO Alliance and Frost & Sullivan.

VinCSS’s collective vision is to extend the reach of these advanced technology solutions to a global market, thereby contributing to Vietnam’s reputation and value proposition in the realm of information security in the international arena.

With the appointment of the new deputy CEO, VinCSS is poised to elevate its market presence and reinforce its commitment to providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity services in an increasingly interconnected world.

Since its establishment in late 2018, VinCSS has rapidly emerged as a successful startup, making significant strides in the fields of IT cybersecurity, identity and access management, IoT security, and connected car security.

VinCSS’s passwordless identity and access management solutions, specifically the VinCSS FIDO2 ecosystem, have achieved remarkable success.

The company has been acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan as a leading enterprise in passwordless authentication in the Southeast Asia region.


In late 2022, VinCSS received the esteemed Frost & Sullivan enabling technology leadership award for the SEA passwordless authentication industry, a prestigious recognition in the realm of breakthrough technology worldwide. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

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