Monday , March 27 2023

Vietnamese artist’s song enters Eurovision Germany finals

The “Dare To Be Different” music video by Vietnamese artist Trong Hieu is among 8 videos competing in the final round of Eurovision Germany.

Hieu, who’s currently in Germany, said on Friday he was practicing with dancers to perform the song live on stage for the competition’s final round on March 3.

The music video itself will be uploaded on the competition’s official website so people can vote for it.

If Hieu wins, he’ll be eligible to enter the international final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, the U.K., in May.

The other 7 songs competing are “Hold On” (Will Church), “Melodies Of Hope” (Patty Gurdy), “Misfit” (Lonely Spring), “Once Upon A Dream” (Anica Russo), “Blood And Glitter” (Lord Of The Lost), “Alle Frauen in mir sind müde” (Frida Gold) and “Concrete Heart” (René Miller).

Hieu submitted his music video for the contest a month prior, saying that the Eurovision is a “dream stage” for him.

Hieu wrote “Dare To Be Different” as a nu-disco song. The music video contains elements of Vietnamese culture in both its visual and musical aspects.

MV “Dare To Be Different” của Trọng Hiếu

The “Dare To Be Different” music video by Trong Hieu. Video obtained by VnExpress

Hieu, born in 1992, grew up in Germany. He returned to Vietnam in 2015, entered the Vietnam Idol contest, and won that year. He then released multiple songs that he wrote himself.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music contest organized by member states of the European Broadcasting Union. It attracts hundreds of millions of live viewers globally.

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