Wednesday , May 31 2023

Vietnam has one of world’s 10 best stews: TasteAtlas

International cuisine magazine TasteAtlas has listed bo kho (Vietnamese beef stew), a popular breakfast in the south, one of world’s 10 best stews.

The dish includes ingredients such as diced beef, carrots, lemongrass, cinnamon, chili, pepper, garlic, and shallots, all simmered in a spicy broth.

The stew is garnished with chopped green onions, coriander and onions and is always served with banh mi (Vietnamese baguette) or hu tiu (rice vermicelli).

A bowl of bo kho costs around VND50,000 ($2.13).

“In rural areas of Vietnam, the stew is usually much spicier than in urban areas,” according to TasteAtlas experts.

Thailand’s phanaeng, a type of red Thai curry, was the world’s best rated stew, followed by Kare (Japanese-style curry) and China’s Sichuan hotpot.

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