Tuesday , November 29 2022

Unidentified vehicle kicks up white dust storm, clouds vision on Hanoi highway

Flurries of white rock dust, looking like a snowstorm, covered over 100 m of a Hanoi highway Tuesday, drastically reducing visibility.

The dust came off a vehicle as it drove through Gia Lam District on National Highway 5 at around 5 a.m.-7a.m. and made cloud-like formations as other vehicles passed by, said residents who live next to the highway.

The area affected most by the dust is a section running next to the Gia Lam gymnasium. The white clouds of dust forced people to turn on headlights to see the road.

“The rock dust got into my home. I had to clean my desk and personal belongings many times this morning because they got dirty the moment I finished cleaning,” said one resident.

The management unit of the road section used water to clean up the area at noon. Traffic police are now checking camera footage to identify the vehicle responsible for the incident to take follow up action.

Dust storm obstructs vision on a National Highway 5 section in Hanoi, November 15, 2022. Video by VnExpress/Dat Nguyen

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