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Saigon resident recreates historic events in miniature 3D figurines

In a cramped 15 sq.m room, Le Xuan Giang is at home, intricately sculpting war and other historic events.

“I was inspired to find out more about military models after seeing bookstores selling about 10 years or so ago,” said Giang, 32. “After I looked deeper into it, I felt I could do better, create things in more detail.”

A platoon crosses a bridge. Giang makes two to three of such scenes a year. His works mostly deal with wars in Vietnam and elsewhere.

It took him about six months to create this model of American soldiers on the Sherman tank (M4A3E8) headed to Berlin in 1945 during World War II.

Giang does a lot of research to make his creations as authentic as possible.

The work is meticulous.

Since some of the designs are not available in the market, Giang uses clay to design them himself. “It can take me up to one month just to complete one figure since one wrong move can completely destroy the final work,” he said.

A scene from the Syrian conflict.

This work on Reunification Day, the last day of the Vietnam War in April 1975 took the most time and effort, Giang said.

He has also recreated a floating market scene in the Mekong Delta.