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It pays to love thy neighbours

Last Wednesday, Oanh, a security guard, on day shift saw a young couple trying to catch a cab in Xuan Dieu Street in Ha Noi. The young woman suddenly cried out in pain and the man started to panic. The couple told Oanh the woman was pregnant and her “water” had just broken.

Last Wednesday, Oanh, a security guard, on day shift saw a young couple trying to catch a cab in Xuan Dieu Street in Ha Noi.
Last Wednesday, Oanh, a security guard, on day shift saw a young couple trying to catch a cab in Xuan Dieu Street in Ha Noi.

Oanh called for help and the whole neighbourhood seemed to respond. It was obvious that the young mother didn’t have time to go to hospital and delivery had to be made right there on the street.

A woman who ran a laundry service nearby assumed the role of midwife after she saw the drama unfold on her shop’s surveillance camera. She helped the young mother while Oanh ran to a clinic to look for help.

When he came back with a medical worker the delivery was almost over. The umbilical cord was being cut and the mother and her baby were then taken to hospital.

It was reported that they were both in good health and the baby weighted almost 3.6kg. The happy father later sent his thanks to all the neighbours for their assistance during the crisis.

There’s a Vietnamese proverb saying” “Good neighbours are better than far-away relatives in time of need”. Perhaps we should all take a moment to think about how we treated our neighbours as there is a chance, however small, that they might be helping us to deliver our babies some day, or come to our rescue in some other way.

Justice appears to be done

The People’s Court in Dat Do District in southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province was recently handed a case, or a nutcase as locals are now saying. Quyet, a local farmer, decided to sue his father over the death of his hen, the broken leg of his cock and the destruction of 18 eggs.

The matter was made stranger because the only witness to what really happened was Quyet’s mother, but the court took a long time to figure out if it could accept her evidence.

The father admitted that he broke several eggs, but insisted he did not kill the hen or break the leg of the rooster. He was upset that his son took such a “trivial matter” to court – and that his wife turned against him as witness.

Various attempts by court officials to talk to Quyet revealed the real reason behind the mayhem. Quyet said that for years he had been frustrated with his father for being a drunkard who often broke the family’s valuables and threatened to kill their livestock.

The claimant and his mother came up with a scheme to file a law suit against the head of the house hoping it would give him a wake up call.

Quyet and his mother later were persuaded to withdraw their case. However, there was one compensation. The court said it would summon the plaintiff and try and convince him to change his ways.

Now that’s what we call common-sense justice.

Too big for his boots

Car drivers in the capital city have reported many cases involving a man who claims his foot has been run over by their cars – and then blackmailed them for money.

The man is said to wait at traffic lights for luxury cars, especially those with female drivers. He stops the vehicles by shouting and waving, showing drivers an injured foot and asking for “hospital money” as compensation.

However, when faced with tough drivers who threaten to call police, his foot suddenly makes a speedy recovery and he is off – as quick as a rat up a drainpipe!

However, Mr Foot could not outrun the law forever. He was arrested last Saturday by police at one of the capital’s busy intersections after trying to pull his trick again.

Hopefully, the court will give his foot plenty of time to recover … in jail!