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The most beautiful natural eyelash extensions for thinner, thicker and longer eyelashes

Eyes are the windows to the soul, that’s why today women often pay great attention to eye makeup. One of them is the eyelash extension method. If you happen to own 2 thin, sparse lashes, don’t worry too much. With today’s advanced technology, you will be able to quickly own a pair of thick and curled eyelashes, making your eyes more attractive and beautiful. In this article, we will introduce you to the most popular natural eyelash extensions today for your reference.

What is eyelash extensions? Is eyelash extensions good? Should I hook up?

Eyelash extensions (also known as false eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions…) is a beauty method that uses specialized glue to attach false eyelashes to real eyelashes. This will help your eyelashes become curled, thicker, longer, thereby helping the eyes become sharper and more attractive.

Although it is a fairly familiar beauty method, many women still wonder if eyelash extensions are good or not. This is a non-invasive, safe and very easy to perform beauty technique. If your eyelashes are thin, thin and short, you can choose the method of eyelash extensions to improve the “window to the soul”. However, if you are in the following cases, it is best not to perform false eyelash extensions:

Your real eyelashes are very weak, just a little bit of impact can make them fall out.

Your eyes are allergic, especially to eyelash extensions, false eyelashes…

Things to know for beautiful eyelash extensions

If you want to own a beautiful set of eyelashes, before proceeding with eyelash extensions, you need to note some of the following issues:

Learn the current method of eyelash extension

Currently, there are 2 methods of connecting false eyelashes: connecting eyelashes directly to real eyelashes and connecting eyelashes directly to the edge of the eyelid next to the real eyelids. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as:

The method of eyelash extensions directly into real eyelashes: This method requires eyelash extensions workers to be meticulous, have good technique, high skills, and at the same time have a delicate aesthetic eye. This method of eyelash extensions usually uses single lashes and applies to people with short eyelashes. Its advantage is that the lifespan of false eyelashes is quite high, can be kept for about 2 to 6 months. However, this method of eyelash extensions is usually more expensive and time consuming.

Method of eyelash extension directly to the edge of the eyelid: This is the most popular method of eyelash extension today. This method can be applied to most types of false eyelashes such as cluster eyelashes, single eyelashes… with different sizes and short lengths. This method of eyelash extensions has the advantage of being time-consuming, suitable for many types of eyelashes and eyes. However, the lifespan of eyelashes only lasts about 1 to 2 months and after a few days after applying you may feel a lump, itchiness or mild pain.

How beautiful is the eyelash extension?

The size of false eyelashes is numbered from small to large, the larger the number, the thicker and longer the eyelashes. If you choose the right eyelash size, your eyelashes will be more natural, beautiful and attractive. So, eyelash extension number 11, eyelash extension number 10, eyelash extension number 9 or eyelash extension number 13?

You can refer to the following suggestions to choose the number of eyelash extensions:

If you own a double eyelid but still want to create a highlight on your face, you should choose eyelash extensions number 9.

Eyelash extension number 11, eyelash extension number 13 is suitable for girls with personality makeup.

Eyelash extensions number 10 is suitable for girls with short eyelashes…

Choosing the right type of false eyelashes

Currently, on the market there are many types of false eyelashes such as silk eyelashes, cluster eyelashes, tendon eyelashes, box eyelashes, Y-shaped eyelashes, hair eyelashes, silk eyelashes, stone eyelashes, silver glitter eyelashes … Each type of eyelashes Fake will also have its own advantages, giving you a unique beauty. So before connecting, you can ask an eyelash extensionist for advice to choose the most suitable type of false eyelashes.

Choose eyelash style for each eye shape

Single eyelid eyes: Eyelash extensions are considered a “salvation” method for girls with single eyelid eyes. To have beautiful and attractive eyes, these girls should choose silk eyelashes because this type of eyelashes is usually thin, thin, long and curved, which will help highlight your eyes.

Round eyes: You can choose silk lashes, long, thick and curved eyelashes to make your eyes more sparkling.

Eyelids: With drooping eyes, you should not choose too thick or too long eyelashes.

Rhombic, cone-shaped eyes: This eye shape can be suitable for most types of false eyelashes such as cluster eyelashes, silk eyelashes … so you can freely choose according to your preferences.

Notes after eyelash extensions

After performing the false eyelash extension technique, it takes about 24 hours for your eyelashes to completely dry, so you need to note a few points below:

Blink gently, do not touch the eyelids or eye area.

Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands, as this can misplace your lashes and cause eyelash glue to stick to your eyes.

If you feel itchy, you should look in the mirror and use a cotton swab to soothe the eye area.

Be careful when washing your face and pay attention not to wash your face with warm water because this is also not good for eyelash extension glue.

Do not use mascara or makeup remover on the eye area.

Do not use any cream, lotion or serum to care for the skin around the eyes When you sleep, you should lie on your back, avoid lying on your side because it can cause your eyelashes to break, fall off or become misaligned.

Should regularly check false eyelashes for open joints or not.

You should wear eyeglasses every time you go out to protect your eyes as well as help your eyelashes look more beautiful.

The most popular natural and beautiful eyelash extensions today

Here, we will introduce you to natural eyelash extensions, beautiful eyelash extensions for your reference:

Katun eyelash extensions

The natural Katun eyelash extension style is derived from the makeup of Katun – the heroine in the movie “Love is not at fault, it is the fault of best friends”. For a long time, Katun eyelash extension technique has created a new wave of eyelash extensions, loved by many girls. So far, this style still retains its own “hot” level.

Katun eyelash extension technique is the perfect combination between modern and classic eyelash trends, which is the interweaving of eyelashes with different lengths to help girls become more prominent and impressive.

Natural volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are also one of the types of eyelash extensions that are especially loved by girls. Volume eyelash extension technique is performed based on the principle of connecting 1 hand-made eyelash fan (usually 3 to 4 lashes together) onto a real eyelash.

Volume eyelash extensions will help girls get thick, curled eyelashes and are suitable for bold and impressive makeup.

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions (also known as classic eyelash extensions, misty eyelash extensions) is an eyelash extension technique that requires skilled workers because they will have to connect each false eyelash to the real one.

Normally, for classic eyelash extensions, you will need a lot of time from 90 minutes, sometimes it takes 2 hours to complete. The advantage of this type of eyelash extension is that it is durable and brings a very natural beauty.

Wet eyelash extensions

Wet eyelash extensions will help your girlfriend get innocent, bright and attractive eyes. With this type of eyelash extension, before proceeding, the worker will create different eyelash fans, each eyelash fan will include 2 to 4 false eyelashes.

It is thanks to the different distance and number of eyelashes on each fan that creates the wet eye effect for the girls.

Fishtail eyelash extensions

Instead of attaching false eyelashes concentrated in the middle of the eye or scattered over the entire eyelashes, this fishtail eyelash extension creates a highlight at the tail of the eye. Besides, if you want to make an impression, you can ask your eyelash extensionist to mix different false eyelash colors to create a very unique and outstanding effect.

Mink eyelash extensions

In general, other types of eyelash extensions mostly have eyelashes made from synthetic materials. Particularly, mink eyelashes have ingredients from fur, so the eyelashes after joining will have a certain softness. Besides, mink eyelashes also have the same structure as real eyelashes, so they are easy to adapt to the terrain and bring high safety. However, this type of eyelash extension is also more expensive than other types of eyelash extensions.

Black rose eyelash extensions

This type of eyelash extension has the feature that each eyelash fan consists of 3 to 5 eyelashes, the fibers are not fixed in length. This is a unique feature to create quite natural beauty for girls.

Above is a summary of the most beautiful natural eyelash extensions for thin, thick and long eyelashes. Hopefully this information will be useful to you, helping you to choose the most suitable eyelash extension style for yourself. Thank you for following the article.

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