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Thai street food soars in popularity thanks to Blackpink Lisa

Khai jiao (Thai-style omelet rice) has been witnessing a surge in demand in Thailand after Lisa of Blackpink introduced how to cook the dish to her followers.

Lisa of Blacpink. Photo from Lisas Instagram

Lisa of Blacpink. Photo from Lisa’s Instagram

In a special video uploaded to Spotify’s YouTube channel on Nov. 16 to celebrate her song “Money” reaching 1 billion streams on the music platform, the Blackpink star introduced to the viewers how to cook several specialties from her home country Thailand, including khai jiao.

One of the singer’s favorite Thai dishes, khai jiao is an omelet shrimp-filled egg that is puffy inside and crispy on the outside that could be served with white rice as a topping for more flavor. The singer illustrated steps to make the dish, from processing the shrimps to beating and frying the eggs and seasoning, to her followers with her video.

A Thaipost article subsequently reported that a khai jiao stall named Songkrueng, located in Bangkok’s Din Daeng market, has witnessed a boom in the number of customers after the episode aired.

The stall owner told the paper that “more customers than ever” have been flocking to her eatery, making her have to hire more staff and take in more ingredients everyday to meet their orders. She believed this demand surge was because of Lisa, and she wants to invite the Blackpink star over to her place to try the dish she makes as well.

Other eateries selling the dish are seeing similar trends, sources said.

Itim khanom pang (Thai-style ice cream sandwich) was another traditional dish Lisa made in her video. Consisting of sweet bread, coconut ice cream, and sticky rice, with flakes of roasted peanuts and shredded coconut meat added on top, the dish is the artist’s must-have whenever she visits her grandparents, she said.

This is not the first time Lisa has introduced Thai specialties to her international followers. Thai-style mango salad, or som tam mamuang, another dish originated from the singer’s home country, also enjoyed a sudden increase in demand earlier this year following the singer’s Instagram story in which the dish was featured.

Born Pranpriya Manoban in Thailand and later changing her first name to Lalisa, the 26-year-old made her debut with the South Korean girl group Blackpink in 2016. She launched a simultaneous solo career in 2021 with the release of her album “Lalisa,” in which “Money” is one of the four tracks presented.

The star has also established her name in the fashion industry as a global ambassador for various luxury brands, including Celine and Bulgari.

Món ăn gây sốt nhờ Lisa Blackpink

Lisa of Blackpink prepares Thai traditional dishes in celebration of her song “Money” surpassing 1 billion streams on Spotify. Video from Spotify’s YouTube

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