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Terence Lau & Associates: Unlocking Potential in Future Financial Advisors

Terence Lau & Associates: Unlocking Potential in Future Financial Advisors

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 9 July 2024 – Terence Lau & Associates (TLA), a leading financial services agency in Singapore, has announced that it plans to grow the size of its organisation.
Director and head of TLA, Mr Terence Lau, a veteran in the financial advisory industry of almost 15 years, has recognized the immense potential of the younger workforce in the financial advisory sector and has also made it his mission to actively foster an environment where innovative perspectives can thrive.

Terence Lau, Director and head of Terence Lau & Associates (TLA)
Terence Lau, Director and head of Terence Lau & Associates (TLA)

As of today, TLA consists of a dynamic team of 32 individuals, each empowered through ongoing training initiatives, innovative lead-generation strategies, and comprehensive remuneration schemes. Guided by the vision of ‘Scaling New Heights’, the company envisions a future where every team member realises their full potential and contributes to the collective success of TLA. By fostering a culture of continuous growth and collaboration, TLA is not only shaping the trajectory of the agency but also paving the way for a new standard of excellence within the financial advisory industry.
It can be said that this unwavering commitment to identifying and nurturing talent has been the driving force behind TLA’s journey to excellence, setting it apart by prioritising genuine connections with clients and elevating itself above its peers in the industry.
Behind TLA’s success is their profound perspective of challenging the conventional view that financial wealth and material possessions equate to success. For Terence and his team, true success encompasses a multitude of elements, including life’s purpose, mental and physical well-being, the ability to inspire others, fostering strong family bonds, and embodying kindness. These values are not just theoretical for TLA; they are integral to their lives, and they endeavour to inspire others to embrace these values too, understanding that genuine success goes beyond monetary gains and rests in the positive impact we have on others and the world around us.
“The industry continues to thrive,” says Terence, who aims to expand his organization to 50 team members by the end of 2024. “We encourage graduates at a crossroads and those contemplating a mid-career switch to consider joining our dynamic team.”
To find out more about a career in Terence Lau & Associates, please contact Terence Lau or visit the TLA website here.
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