Thursday , June 20 2024

Tenant leaves China apartment in meter-high trash mountains before moving out

A woman in China’s eastern Shandong province has uploaded a video revealing her father’s property covered in piles of trash as high as three feet (1 meter) after a female tenant moved out.

Hills of trash left inside Thai landlord Artter Ratchas apartment in Oct. 2023. Photo from Ratcha’s Facebook

Hills of trash left inside Thai landlord Artter Ratcha’s apartment in Oct. 2023. Photo from Ratcha’s Facebook

The woman, named Han, said her father was shocked as he entered the apartment following the tenant’s termination of her renting contract in Nov. this year, reported The Mirror.

The whole floor of the property was buried under heaps of toilet paper, takeout boxes, and empty bottles, leaving her family struggling to even walk inside, she said.

It took her family three hours to clean up the mess as they stuffed the rubbish into 20 bags.

Han said the situation left her family “very shocked” as the female tenant, in her 20s, had always seemed an upright woman. She had always been punctual with rent payments, even during a period of almost a year when she was not residing in the property, Han said.

Tenants leaving dumps of trash behind as they move out of their rented properties seems an increasingly common occurrence throughout the world, as a landlord in Thailand shared a similar experience on his social media channels in Oct.

The landlord, Artter Ratcha, said an apartment which he had rented out to a female tenant was covered in piles of clothes, plastic bottles, food wrappers, and other filthy objects as she moved out, reported Singaporean news site Must Share News.

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