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Van Hau wearing a shirt for Austria Wien at a record price?

Doan Van Hau is likely to become the most expensive player in Vietnamese football history if the contract between Hanoi and Austria Wien is signed in the coming days.

The negotiations lasted for months between the three sides: Hanoi, Austria Wien and Van Hau’s representatives are gradually coming to an end when the differences between the parties are very small. Basically, the leaders of Hanoi Club agreed on the policy for Van Hau to play at the traditional Austrian rich team in the form of loan, accompanied by a buy-off clause.

The cost of borrowing Van Hau is about VND 2-3 billion in the first season, but the purchase price in the case of this defender passes the professional assessment has not been finalized. It is expected that this figure will exceed all the concessions of Vietnamese football so far and make Van Hau become the most expensive player in Vietnamese football history.

Doan Van Hau stood before the opportunity to become the first player to play in Austria.

The club that Van Hau prepares to play is one of Austria’s greatest pride. Austria Wien has 24 times to win the national league and many years to play in the Champions League. Van Hau has the opportunity to become the first Vietnamese player to participate in the Europa League arena 2019/20 if Austria Wien qualify.

Since the Le Cong Vinh deal with Leixoes Club 10 years ago, Van Hau is the next player of Vietnamese football playing in Europe. Van Hau is expected to contribute specifically to Austria Wien in the professional aspect with the ideal physical and fitness platform (1.85 m high).

Van Hau has been judged by many experts as a rare player in Vietnam who can succeed in the peak arena.

In Austria Wien, the position of left-back defender of Van Hau is being held by Christoph Martschinko (24). The reserve for the Austrian defender Cristian Cuevas (24).

Van Hau’s two rivals are only 1.73 m and 1.75 m respectively, but play smart and comprehensive players. Nor did it exclude Van Hau from being used as a central defender when coach Christian Ilzer often arranged a map of 5-4-1 for Austria Wien.

Van Hau first appeared in a Hanoi club team in 2017. Until now, Thai Binh defender has always been an irreplaceable factor on the left wing of the capital football team. In the colors of the team, Van Hau grew up year by year to master the main kick.

From the U23 Asian finals campaign 2018, ASIAD 18, AFF 2018 Cup, 2019 Asian Cup and King’s Cup 2019, Van Hau is always trusted by Park Hang-seo coach to place the main stone at the left or central defender guard.