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Husband killed his wife because of a quarrel “treat guests with beer or wine”: I missed the high school exam

Just because of the conflict about treating guests with beer or wine in the death anniversary, men in Quang Nam had stabbed his wife. For now, the son must abandon the national high school exam because of family tragedy.

The eagle witnessed his father’s death

On June 27, Mr. Vu Van Tuan, Chairman of People’s Committee of Que Tho Commune (Hiep Duc, Quang Nam), said that Quang Nam Police had detained Mr. To Van Mai (47 years old, in the village of Phu Coc Tay, commune). Que Tho), by stabbing his wife Vo Thi Bay (45 years old) while preparing chicken for the anniversary of the death anniversary at noon 25.6.

According to Tuan, to prepare the death anniversary for his parents on June 26, Mai and his wife and her husband should treat guests to beer or wine. Ms. Seven said that difficult family conditions should treat alcohol. Mr. Mai told me that the hot sun should drink a beer to cool down, so the couple had an argument. With a slight glaze in his body, Mai used his knife to stab his wife. The incident occurred at noon 25.6. Despite being taken to an emergency, Ms. Seven died.

People come to burn incense and condolences with their families

According to Mr. Tuan, the heartbreaking incident also caused To Van Tu (12th grade student of Tran Phu High School, Hiep Duc, his son Mai) to quit the national high school graduation exam. At noon, the murder was also when Tu finished his first subject (Literature), went home to rest and took the Math exam in the afternoon. I was shocked to witness the scene when my father stabbed me with a knife. In the evening of June 25, the examination board and representatives of Tran Phu High School visited and encouraged Tu’s family and said that they would report to their superiors for consideration because this is a special case.

According to some neighbors, Mr. Mai is a gentle person, so he has not had any conflict or conflict with his neighbors. Upon hearing the news, Mr. Mai used a knife to stab his wife to death, people could not believe it.

“My mother died, my father went to the labor camp to blame the children. Mr. Tu is entering the exam and must give up halfway to mourn. A child like Tu, who witnessed his father’s knife stabbing his mother with his own eyes, will surely be obsessed, ”said a neighbor.

Consider graduation characteristics

Mr. Ha Thanh Quoc, Director of the Department of Education and Training of Quang Nam province, said that he had the information about the contestant To Van Tu leaving the national high school.

According to Mr. Quoc, after receiving the information personally, he and two assistant principals of the school where Tu was studying came to visit her family to encourage and comfort her to try to overcome this pain and loss. . He asked the two principals to try to help Tu’s case. “If the subject of Literature Van Tu achieved 5 points, the department will ask for a special procedure for Tu in this 2019 national high school exam,” Quoc said.

Mr. Ha Thanh Quoc said, Tu’s family has 3 sisters, a married sister and lives in Saigon, Tu is the middle child. Tu and her younger sister are in the 10th grade this year. Tu’s family is very difficult, her parents mostly work in agriculture. “After encouraging my family, I asked the teachers at Tran Phu High School to create conditions for Tu’s sister, not to let me drop out of school because of family circumstances. In addition, considering exemption of tuition fees and support for sister Tu, ”Mr. Quoc shared.