Tuesday , October 15 2019
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HIV stigma and discrimination to be sanctioned

The Ministry of Health has proposed sanctions against demonstrations of stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV, according to a draft decree on penalties for administrative offences in the health sector.

Patient monitoring and management at Binh Dinh Province’s HIV/AIDS Prevention Centre.
Patient monitoring and management at Binh Dinh Province’s HIV/AIDS Prevention Centre.

As proposed by the health ministry, the act of requesting pupils or students for HIV testing or test results and refusing to bury or cremate the dead for HIV-related reasons will be warned or fined VNĐ100,000-300,000.

The acts of requesting job applicants to under HIV testing or share test results, refusing to hire due to HIV-related reasons (except for some occupations requiring HIV testing before recruitment in accordance with the Government regulations); and rejecting students who have HIV will incur fines of VNĐ5-10 million.

Parents or guardians abandoning juvenile children with HIV; the act of separating, limiting or banning learners from participating in activities and services for HIV-related reasons; and demanding work not in accordance with the health and professional qualifications of HIV-infected workers will also be fined VNĐ5-10 million.

The act of terminating labour contracts or causing difficulties in the working process of workers with HIV; forcing physically qualified workers with HIV to transfer their work; refusing to raise wages or promote; ignoring the legitimate rights and interests of HIV-infected workers; and discipline or expulsion of students with HIV will be fined VNĐ10-20 million.

The act of spreading fake HIV infection to non-HIV infected persons; publicising names, addresses and images of HIV-infected people without their consent (except for cases of providing feedback on HIV/AIDS epidemiology and HIV test results); using images and messages to spread stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV or family members of people with HIV will incur fines of VNĐ15-20 million.