Monday , November 30 2020
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Highlights policies take effect from July

Basic salary increase, pension; Charity to conceal illegal money will commit money laundering … new policies that take effect from July 2019.

Since July, a series of new policies closely related to social life will officially take effect. Adjusting the basic salary, pension, increasing the level of punishment for using electricity for fishing, and new regulations in banking, criminal … will be applied.

Salary increase, pension, social insurance allowance

From July 1, the two decrees of the Government related to the adjustment of the base salary and the pension, social insurance benefits will officially take effect.

Decree 38 stipulates that the basic salary for cadres, civil servants, officials and armed forces will be effective, stating that these subjects will be entitled to a higher salary than the current salary of 100,000 VND / month. Newly applied base salary is VND 1,490,000 / month.

The base salary, pension and social insurance benefits will be adjusted up from July 1.

Decree 44 on pension adjustments, social insurance benefits and official monthly allowances stipulates an increase of 7.19% on pension, social insurance and monthly allowance of June / 2019 for objects such as officials, civil servants, workers, employees and workers; military and public security personnel; Commune, ward and township officials are receiving pensions, monthly allowances …