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Deputy Prime Minister explained why not yet mobilized forest fire helicopters

According to Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, firefighting by helicopters needs 3-5 continuous flushes at one point, while fires spread across many districts in many provinces.
At noon July 1, after the voter contact in Ha Tinh, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue continued to inspect and check the situation of forest fire after the fire broke out again in Truong Son commune, Duc Tho district. One day, he checked in Nghi Xuan district.
Tireless efforts to fire
According to Vice Chairman of Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee Dang Ngoc Son, at 5.30 am this morning, all forest fires in 7 districts of Ha Tinh turned off the fire after efforts of more than 15,000 cadres, soldiers, rangers and militants Self defence.
However, the fire remained smoldering under the forest tree and continued to erupt in the middle of the morning in the districts of Duc Tho, Ky Anh and Cam Xuyen, due to the strong winds of the southwestern wind. At 12:30 on the same day, the fire broke out in Ky Anh and Cam Xuyen.
Mr. Dang Ngoc Son said that Truong Son commune (Duc Tho district) alone is the last fire point of Ha Tinh until early this afternoon, being nearly 400 people including the army, police, forest rangers and militia forces. Fire extinguisher.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue checked the scene at the scene of forest fires and had many directions

“This fire point is on the high mountain, cannot use a pump or transport water to put it out, so the method of extinguishing the fire is still using branches to put out and blowers to zone the fire”, Mr. Son explained.
Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Ha Cong Tuan said that if it rains heavily on July 2, the situation of forest fires in the North Central provinces will cease, but it is necessary to calculate immediately the recovery of burnt forests and see this as an urgent task.
With the burnt forest area difficult to recover, Mr. Tuan suggested that localities should have policies to support farmers to return to the forest.
Why can’t the helicopter be used?
Observing the final fire point in Truong Son commune, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue directed the firefighting forces to continue to extinguish the smoldering points, not to let the fire flare up today and spread to the area. The forest has a 500 kV line.

Strong fire in Duc Tho district (Ha Tinh).

While discussing the plan with the fire fighting forces at the scene, the Deputy Prime Minister said the Government had received comments on the use of firefighting helicopters. But according to him, firefighting by helicopters needed to use 3 to 5 helicopters to continuously fire water for one point, while the situation of forest fires spread across many districts in many provinces. Therefore, the mobilization of helicopters is difficult.
Not only that, the strong wind blowing situation during the past time also affected the ability to remove water to hit the fire point. In particular, this option affects flight safety in the context of helicopters doing the whole fire duty. Therefore, the Government has not yet mobilized helicopters of the 18th Army Corps, the Ministry of Defense Flight Corporation.
“With such a widespread fire situation, mobilizing local forces and extinguishing fire with blowers and gasoline saws is more effective,” said Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue.
He said that in July, the weather continued to be hot and hot, the provinces were not subjective, calculating the need to use this fire equipment to report to the Government for unexpected expenditure.
The Deputy Prime Minister also suggested that Ha Tinh and other provinces with burnt forests review, identify and classify forest types that have been burnt to calculate the support plan for farmers.
At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen propaganda and thoroughly grasp with the people not to burn straw in the hot sun, because in fact, on the way to visit Truong Son commune, he still sees people burning rice in the fields, easily causing fires with forests and residential areas.